Unsolicited Gear Church Review

This is an independent review and I have not been compensated in any way by Gear Church

*Has the product been used? For how long? I have been using Test Iso for the last 8 weeks and Tren Hex for the last 6 weeks.
Prior to that I have been using Gear Church products for the last 8 months.

*Brief description of review
I just wanted to show my support for a great sponsor

*Communication & Ordering process
As always, the communication with Gear Church and LDog is second to none. They are always quick to respond and the ordering process is as easy as it gets.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
The packaging has always been superb and I have never received a damaged item.

*Items ordered
The gear ordered for this cycle was Test Iso, Test E, Primo, Tren Hex, Tren Ace, Proviron and Aromasin.

*Product effectivenes and experience
So far I have felt absolutely amazing. The Tren Hex has made a world of difference in sides compared to Ace, The Test Iso has been awesome and the Proviron and Aromasin are on point and keeping all of my levels in check. I have not dipped into the Primo yet so I may update this thread again in a few more months.

*Additional commentary

*Rate with 1-10
Communication -

Payment processing -

Order processing-

Delivery -

Shipping packaging-

Product packaging-

Product effectiveness -

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
10 Yes I would and have recommended this sponsor


Thank you my friend. We are grateful.

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Thanks brother, appreciate the review. Been following and watching you talk about GC, I have used GC once before on a small cycle maybe 2 years ago and enjoyed the product and I think it’s time to try them again.


Being a mod it’s hard to make a recommendation to a single source but I also can’t deny that they have worked well for me and deserve some recognition.


Thanks Devildog

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Not to highjack, but I placed a Test Iso order last week as well. T/A was ridiculously fast. Comms with vendor was a pleasure. Product has been pinned, too soon to say, but I’m expecting great things.


Much appreciated brother
I would also say that being a mod you can have a good order with great products and services. So you just like everyone else should be allowed to write an honest review.
A review that is honest is always appreciated by any member of UGM.

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