Unsolicited GearChurch Review

****This is an independent review. Unsolicited.

*Has the product been used? For how long?
I’ve been running the Test E, Test Iso, Tri-Blend (test p, Tren a, mast a) for about 10 weeks now.

*Brief description of review
Ok so I’ve used GC for my last 3 orders, and have been using the products for about 10 weeks give or take a few days. Fellas this is bar none the strongest I’ve ever been. Size wise I’m only up about 12 pounds, but it’s all quality I’m sitting at about 8-9%.

*Communication & Ordering process
9.9/10. All emails were answered super timely, like within a few hours. They really go out of their way to hold your hand through the whole process…we all know how comforting that is.

*Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Packaging very discreet, nothing much to say but all items are def packaged safe and well protected. All products arrived within 4-5 days, and that’s from first email to door step.

*Items ordered

Test E, Test Iso, Tri Blend, Deca/test e/mast e,
Anadrol, Cialis

*Product effectivenes and experience
I will admit I’ve only used the test e, test iso, and Tri-Blend. I’ve been hoarding a bit, haven’t ran the Anadrol or the test e/Deca/mast blend. Very smooth to pin…almost zero PIP…but you can tell you shot some gear. Again stronger than ever, and probably my best look at 38. I will also add my dosages are extremely conservative at the moment, which is great I feel amazing no lag from the Tren whatsoever. I haven’t had blood work done so this is all “feel”, plus the mirror and strength increase. Also more people than ever are commenting on the recent changes in my body. Oh and the Cialis is GOOD 2 GO LOL.

*Additional commentary
Ive read this in a review about GC before, and I chose to echo it as it was very evident to me as well. These guys really make you feel like they care. Every positive piece of feedback is acknowledged and you feel they truly take that feedback to heart. Def make you feel secure and that your in good hands. Also, fastest source I’ve ever dealt with.

*Rate with 1-10
Communication - 9.9/10
**Payment processing -**9.9/10
**Order processing-**9.9/10
Delivery - 9.9/10
Shipping packaging- 9.9/10
Product packaging- 9.9/10
Product effectiveness - 9.9/10

*Would you recommend this sponsor?
Yes without a doubt. Hope I haven’t left anything out, I’m still new here so my apologies if I screwed up the format in anyway. If y’all got any questions I didn’t answer by all means ask away. Hope everyone is gettin jacked and tan…been a pleasure to be here this short while.


Great reveiw man! Thanks for posting up

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Thanks bro. Welcome Home!

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