Update on GC sale information

Sale is still kicking.
Always use a secure email-Proton or Tutanota
Be patient as its very busy in addition to the virus issues.
It may take 1-3 days to get a reply back from GC…just be patient and understanding.
As always…be smart and safe…lots can be accomplished without blasting crazy amounts of delicious nectar.
Thanks for your loyalty.


Reminder…sale is still moving right along.

Sale is still ongoing. See emails at the beginning of this thread for a list.

Per GC, this sale will continue for the foreseeable future. Its time to take advantage of this rare opportunity while its available.



Reminder on the sale…stimulus checks are coming…tell your wife that your the man and you need some nectar!!!


GC’s nectar is good for the ole lady too, if ya know what I mean :wink:


No YOU tell her


Lol bro

excellent point!

Tell my wife what? That I’m the man? I don’t have to say anything regarding that…its well understood in my mansion:)


Fine, fine, I’ll ask her for money…


It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!


Understood in mine as well. She still jacks off at the mouth but at the end of the day, dad has final say. :grin:

Tracking shows I should receive package Monday

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Nice bro. What’d ya get? If ya dont mind me axin?

My wife has caught on to that bro. Now she does it to me. I’ll send her out with the amex card and she’ll get a little too carried away. When I log into my app to see what she spends and I’ll rip her for the stupid amount I hear “oh my bad babe, I didn’t realize I spent that much” lol

Test e superdrol and a little bit of t3. For my final cut of the year. Will be my third cycle so wasn’t sure what other compound I will run with it yet but @John talks about sd so much figuree I would use it to kick things off


Nice bro. Let me know how the test e is. I know the cyp and ace is right so I’m assuming it’s right as well. Happy for you


I assume @Dirtnasty your gonna have some kind of liver defense, superD is harsh

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