Update on third cycle with Alpha North Labs

Hey guys it’s Chris here representing 3rd cycle is going well ran tren ace for a bit with prop , anavar and GH , now I’m running GH 6 IU daily, prop 100 eod, t400 2 x a week, anavar 50 mg a day , cycle is going well no sides that are noticeable , competing October 3rd in Kitchener Ontario. Thanks Alpha North ! Good gear and great service as usual .

Chris `

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Good luck in your upcoming show brother!


Second this

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Goodluck brotha :v:

hey bro
thank you for the review

I was just writing to check in on your cycle see how things are going.
i saw you’re running 6IU you must be feeling a lot of sides now. personally i dropped it to 4iu to keep sides at bay.

let me know my man. Press on!

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