Updated Forum Rules Nov-'18

Here are the Rules for our Forum. Please read them very carefully:

  1. RESPECT each member on this forum like the way you would like to be respected. Remind yourself that we each work extremely hard in building ourselves physically, emotionally, and most of all, mentally. We, including yourself, are here on this forum for knowledge and guidance.

  2. Do not post ASKING for a source. This is for your protection as well as the sources. This is to avoid any sort of scams that could possibly put the forum, other members, or you in danger. Questions asking for a certain product are allowed

  3. Inappropriate Conduct: No shit talking or threatening another member. It will not be tolerated and appropriate actions will be taken. A Moderator will delete your post and give you a warning. To avoid being banned from the forum and if you really have a problem with something that was posted, send that member a PM (Private Messege). However, if you persist with it or are threatening, you will be banned until further notice. If you have a difference of opinion you need to state so in a separate thread. If you have a problem with what is posted in a sponsors thread, stay out of the thread or you may be removed from posting in ALL sponsors categories.

  4. This is a forum where we discuss hardcore bodybuilding and hypothetical aids such as AAS, GH, Insulin, etc. We DO NOT DISCUSS anything about Recreational Drugs.

  5. Do not post a web site or store where someone can purchase something that any of the board sponsors sells. Those references will be deleted! We support our sponsors and only our sponsors.

  6. Do not use PM (on this or any board) to discuss sources or any “private” subjects. Please keep those discussions through “secure” emails only.

  7. It is suggested for all our members to hang around the forum for a while before you even message any members on here. Everyone has a lot to lose in this game and discretion is always necessary. Give the other members a chance to get to know you first.

  8. No advertising, legal or otherwise, allowed anywhere on the board, for ANYTHING, bodybuilding related or not, unless it is approved by the Admin first.

  9. When members post photos of their progress, and you do not have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Critique ONLY if the member posting the photos has asked so!

  10. If you are in a country where it is illegal to purchase products from a board sponsor or if you have an issue with your order, DO NOT ask for help from a Moderator of the forum as you will be asking the Moderator to help you in breaking the law. Any such requests will simply be ignored.

  11. There is to be no links posted on the site to illegal copyright sites or content. Any such links will be immediately erased and the possibility of banning that member who posts such content.

  12. Members must reach 25 posts before they earn the privilege to post in the restricted forums. The posts must be of a high quality standard as deemed by any Moderator. Any Moderator, at his own discretion, can ban a member deemed to be ‘post whoring’ trying to reach the 25 post count.

  13. Ugmuscle.com DOES NOT condone illegal activity, so if you wish to break the laws in your country, then it is your own responsibility and your choice.

  14. If any of your posts or comments are such as those mentioned above, that post may be either be locked OR simply deleted. However, if you as a member on UGMuscle.com is consistent with not following these simple rules, you WILL eventually be banned.

  15. Sponsors : No crashed or dangerous products is allowed to be sold or advertised to members on the board. First complaint will result in a warning. Continuous complaints will be removed from the board.

  16. Testing of Products: The only APPROVED test results will come from Roidtest or Simec, Anabolic Lab. We do not prevent you from posting testing with others but for obvious reasons, we know some tests are faked and or misleading.

  17. Payment for Reviews: No sponsors are allowed to solicit reviews in the exchange for free products or discounts without stating “Paid Review” at the beginning of the post(s). If a sponsor offers payment for reviews then it must include the same for every review whether positive or negative. Violations will result in the member removed from posting in the sponsors section.

  18. Any member is allowed to run logs, review and post negative or positive reviews regarding sponsors. It is up to each member to determine if they wish to share or not.

  19. Shilling in posts. Shouldnt have to say this but outside of a sponsors category no circle jerking or attempting to derail or hijack a post. This does not pertain to sponsors commenting or advising outside of their category.

  20. Training Services: Trainers must be approved by Admin prior to offering services. No solicitation in PMS from a non approved person to member for training. This also includes Diets and Cycle Advice. This protects the member from wasting time or money on someone that is unqualified and unproven.

  21. Reviews. You should not be leaving reviews until you have had a chance to fully test the product. Leaving a positive review for products when you haven’t had enough time to test the product may get you removed from posting in the sponsors sections. The amount of time should be appropriate with the substance taken. Blood work maybe submitted and if your post appears as shilling and fake, then post will be removed until blood work/testing is provided. There will be a template for reviews and ALL reviews must follow the template. You may add personal comments at the end of the template.

Understand we are here to help one another out, giving each other ideas, methods, and/or guidance for a great community experience. Please consider your posts, comments, and/or questions with the same respect you would like to have in return. We are always trying to insure the safety and enjoyment of each of our Members involved here. We appreciate your cooperation, and if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to PM or email a staff member.



Awesome job as always big bro! You mods do a amazing job creating such a great environment here at UGM! By far the best site ive ever been part of and proud to be a member here :metal:t2:


I believe that everyone needs to read these over. Moving forward we are going to be taking these rules very seriously. As you all know we do things differently than other forums but even though we have a different way of doing things. Security and safety of our community takes priority.
Thanks @TrenGod for taking the time to update the rules.
Thanks to @SemperFi and @PHD for enforcing these rules and keeping our community safe.
Thanks to all our @members for reading , understanding, and following these very simple common sense rules.
Thanks again


Thanks for the update

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Thanks for the update, keep doing an awesome job here.

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Thanks guys. As a notice all staff will have a “staff” over profile pic so no confussions. I may also do one for reps later as well.



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I really like the new tags on the avatars.

Thanks for all you guys do!

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Just read through the rules. Seems pretty straight forward guys.


Sounds fair to me. Should be pretty easy for everyone to follow

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It’s having rules like these that make this board unique and the best! That’s guys for all that you do!

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The badge over the avatar is really an awesome idea! Good thinking on that one!


Iron Junkie Rep??? What… When did that happen bro? :+1:


understood. appreciate the update. like the tags as well.

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Last week i was asked to rep by him


Good job bro! Hopefully you can add to the community and do great things! I look forward to seeing what you can do!


Pertaining to rule #3 does that include playful shit talking/locker room talk?

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Any communication between a site sponsor or source is strictly between the member and source directly. Please check the laws of your country before you order any of their products. The onus is on the buyer, and the sponsor or UGMuscle.com will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.For advertising enquiries contact [email protected] dot com.