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Hey everyone. Just an FYI if you see alot of changes today Im working on the homepage design and so it will suit mobile better as well. Oh also the app is finally live on Google Play as well fyi.

@TrenGod it would be helpful if you correlated the changes to the site with a log documenting what you added/subtracted from the site. Would there be an appropriate place for us to give insight/critique/suggestions, or would you rather trust your gut on the final decisions? Either option is fine by me, just wanted to throw this out there.

Most the changes were made based on the appearance and our market we are shooting for. Our competition sites all have the same categories and sections. The problem we have is everyone is familiar with vbulletin which is what 90% of the other boards use. Our old one was VB as well. Vb has alot of issues tho and not modern at all.

So when we advertise or try to get people from the other boards they come here and dont know what to do or where to go. This new format is more of style they can recognize with a few things I’ll ad. When we switched and lost the ability to run on tapatalk we lost about 200 members. In order for the mobile to display the latest posts, the new homepage has to be displayed this way vs the old way. That pushed the categories to the mobile front page only so no one saw anything new.

What I was trying to do now was keep the advertisements to the right section, and the navigation and profile to the left. I can remove some things but the sections are important parts of the other forums. The reviews section and sources is our most highest linked and viewed topics. Far more then anything in the other sections.

What are finding confusing or an issue on the site?

Well, regarding being on desktop:

the “Go Back” link is near the top of the page. The downside is that I have to scroll up from a long thread just to click on that. Since this is disadvantageous, most desktop users would rather just click on the back arrow button on top of their browser. The logic seems to leave me: why have that link that states “Go Back” in near the top of the page? Seems misplaced, especially if it doesn’t exist for mobile users.

Ill see about moving it somewhere to the bottom. When testing the new format with sidebars I had a problem with the back button. The part above with latest, catagories etc I was trying to move but the issue with navigation was a problem and was trying to make it easier instead of the using the browser. At least on my screen it was a pain in the ass to move use back button everytime

When you mentioned how you were favoring the mobile users in developing the site, I figured that the desktop users would be the ones dealing with the quirky layouts. No worries. If you feel that the majority of your users will dominantly be via mobile, then I can deal with my neurotic requests. Lol. It isn’t the biggest deal; I will be the first to verbalize that you cannot please everyone.

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