During the past few years, both MoneyGram and Western Union have got more and more restrictive. Measures nowadays are effectively adding up by the week.
Receivers are getting blocked after 3 or 4 transfers and some times instantly. Several transactions are being flagged, pending for days. WU/MG terms of conditions CLEARLY PROHIBIT the use of their services for purchase of goods or services.

Also, governments are pushing hard on them, being under close scrutiny by entities such IRS and their equivalents worldwide.

We foresee a time in the near future when companies like us will no longer offer that option and you’ll have a hard time finding anyone, local or not, that will.

Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, can be easily purchased with credit card. Transactions, if done properly, can be anonymous. Fees are very reasonable, confirmations of transfers are instant.

If you’re still resistant to using bitcoin or can’t understand how it works, we put together a guide with all the info you need:


Keep fighting for your freedoms!!

Sincerely yours,

The PharmaComStore Team.


@TrenGod and I have been saying this for years. Great post.

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You can use bitcoin for everything don’t let people lie to you and the fact is that I mean I have debit cards I have apps I pay for everything with btc. Its great also because all who accept bitcoin give you a discount for it also.

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Murph… is localbitcoin still a reliable place for buying and selling?

I know that people use it. Reliable im not sure because I haven’t used it in over a year.

Mycelium LocalTrader or gildera and the other they offer are really good choices

gotcha ! thanks its been a while since i’ve used it… wasn’t there a banner here for them ?

Awhile back when they were a really good place to go but once I couldn’t verify them to be good to go we pulled them down

I see. I think the site is good but I think you have to vet with whom you do business. they do hold the coins in escrow and have ways to contest issues. or at least they did. do you have another place you recommend for transactions?

I actually use coinbase for everything. Some people don’t like them but they are easy to use and helpful if you have issues

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they tend to shut people’s accounts down …

Weird I use them a lot and never had any issues.


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I can’t get it to work on my laptop or phone. Tg said it doesn’t work with iPhone yet so I stick to coinbase. I’ve sent and received a lot of money never had one issue

I think it is working I tried it out a few months ago

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I have used them for quite some time myself and have never had an issue.

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