Use your down time now to focus on security

Hey guys while you all have some extra downtime try to learn some new things and focus on security.

This includes computer setups. Router and networking setups (vpns and additional routers).

One thing for you all to setup easy if you or your family likes to use “smart devices” is a dead router for your home. A lot of devices that like to communicate with each other via WiFi don’t need internet to communicate with other devices. It just needs the 2 or 5g signal. You can setup a dead router (router that works but not connected to the internet) so those devices can communicate with each other. If it doesn’t need the internet and you just use at home, don’t give it the internet.

Multiple routers. Theres plenty of tutorials how to setup your vpns on the router. Use several routers in your home. One for TV (no VPN needed), one for work (with VPN on router), one for extra stuff (VPN also). You get the idea. Then assign which laptops, phones etc can access each.

Physical breech. Take some time and try to break into your place. See what options and weaknesses your place may have you forget about.


Thanks buddy, the computer stuff I am lacking in… but just yesterday I checked all weapons AGAIN, unloaded and re-loaded everything, checked windows and doors… and while my dogs wouldn’t hurt a flea they will let me know if anything is near the house I depend on them a lot.


Whenever you start looking at more dogs get yourself a retired MWD. A good malinois will fuck shit up even if retired out.


Will do buddy, again thanks for all the helpful information you post.

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Me and my wife loooove the cane courso. Beautiful animals very protective

I have a friend that has 7 Presa Canarios (very similar to the Cane Corso). She has a huge property in a small town. I like my American Bulldogs. They will rip your leg off but they are so intimidating none will get close enough to test them. I cam leave my wife and kids at home with no worries.


Love them block heads

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Buddy a mine has a Presa


I like them. Just too big for me. This boy is 97 lbs ripped to the bone. That’s bigger than I wanted but love him still. My female is 68. I’m considering a Malinois. They are the smartest most agile dogs still able to take a human out with ease.

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My pittbull is a sweetie to the family, but man he hates unwanted visitors and his bark is intimidating, when I lived in town I’d take him for a walk and people would cross the street lol.

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