USMC has arrived at Baghdad Embassy

USMC has arrived at Baghdad Embassy

Well… shit just got real.

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Well what the fuck, I’m stuck here with a wife n kid n a house n dogs and there going to get some, this sucks.


Is there more info then that?

You know what’s going on right? Iran hit our guys. We hit them back. iran got militias to attack and burn our embassy. We sent the crisis unit in. Going live right now.


Oh shit

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They fucked up, we’re simply retaliating.

Oh boy @TG I got full body chills, goosebumps watching that… and no I didn’t know shit was going on.

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Where can I keep up with it, not seein shit on tv…

Mostly people posting live on twitter. People on ground and reporters.

I don’t have Twitter or any of that shit, my heads buried in the sand.

OohRah! Go get em boys!

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Nah trust me TG knows about everything before it hits mainstream media. Ugmuscle and TG are the best news outlets and only reporting legitimate shit


Yeah who needs twitter or any of that bs.

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Ha ha @Bigmurph right

I can’t tell you how many times TG sends me a news story and there not reporting anything but I read it online.
Then the next night mainstream will try to twist the story to whichever media outlet it is rep or dem

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If any of you guys wanna sponsor my trip and pay me generously, I’ll smuggle my way in and deliver live reports :wink:

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I bet you could make a really good deal with a news company to provide them video but I imagine that’s illegal right??

@TG you in?

My days of jumping borders and getting into trouble in foreign countries is over lol. Can’t do that stuff while married.

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