VERIFIED- Gear Bank International--- DO NOT ORDER

Gear Bank International has been verified and product tests on Testosterone Enanthate, Primobolan and Trenbolone Enanthate have passed. Reviews will be posted in the Review Section.


Ive been using gearbank for a long time he is legit and his gear is fire his prices are great for the quality and he has real pressed tabs most domestic sources carry caps or liquid which im not found of caps pop open during shipping and liquids you nevrr can get an exact dose.
Best domestic out there in my opinion and he also has international products just check him out you won’t be disappointed

Just got done with a run of thorin test prop as a kicker to start this cycle. Gear pins smooth and was strong came on quick I was having great workouts and oily as can be.
Loved it.
I also ran thorin npp i don’t have a word to describe how much I liked this product except for the 6-7lbs of muscle it put on me in the 8wks I used it. Don’t get me wrong I put in work to earn that muscle but the npp also put in its work. Strong product once again had to use caber during cycle at 375mgs a wk. I will be using thorin gear from as my goto oils and orals the jollies are another great addition to the line I only ran some var right before I started my cycle to give them a try great product and definitely real var no worries there.
Keep it coming gbi

I signed up for an account, how long does it take to get approved?

If you posted im pretty sure that you are approved unless you are trying to become a verified src
Welcome to ugm

What are you trying to get approved on? If your a source, message me.

Hey GBI what is new these days ?

Get on the tube G.B. Make me feel comfortable to place an order. I keep hearing the gears great.

Another great order through a great promo from gbi at

I picked up some anavar jollies I love these things they really are great and the popping 6 little candy sugar free candy squares to get my dose of Oxandrolone every day works great for me.

I was lucky enough because gbi is a very generous src hd seems to always include some extra goodies I got a few vials of metholone acetate which im going to probably run at 50mgs ed.

I will leave a review and let everyone know about the metholone acetate but I can tell you I have had the anavar jollies and they are amazing.

Time for old Jetro to eat a little crow. My pac is on the way. Took longer than expected but still faster than most Intl. I have to admit those Jollies are interesting and the Var is a great deal.

Pac landed and GB through in some extras. I’m excited to pin this Test C. The Tren has a great color to it. My nephew is gonna pin the tren tonight. Thanks GB and also Big Murph for turning me onto this source. I was kind of an ass because people were telling me it would be months. Next order Ill chill because Ill know better. Bottles are full.

I have to say thanks to gbi for another great order. Thats 10 primo enanthate
4 primo no ester and 8 test e.
Stocked up once again thanks gbi.

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