Very Interesting Vaccine Info

To some this is no big deal…to others it will be.

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I feel like this a little misleading, since MRC-5 is a culture, and is from a fetus aborted in 1966. It’s also used in polio and chickenpox vaccines. Unless you’re antivax in general, this shouldn’t be your reason not to get this vaccine.

Whats so special about the fetus that its from 1966?
Im getting the vaccine and abortion isn’t my business I leave that to women to choose. Im just curious about this one fetus?
Thanks brother

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1966 was just when the culture line was established. MRC 5 comes from embryonic lung tissue and resembles fibroblasts, which is a type of connective tissue. (Edit: I should have been a little more specific. MRC 5 comes from fetal fibroblasts. Both adults and fetuses have fibroblast. I thought I should make the distinction since usually when one heres blast in biology the mind goes towards fetuses [blastocyst, for example])

The fetus itself was fairly typical, which is important, because MRC 5 itself (as well as HEK 293 which is derived from embryonic kidney cells and is also used in vaccine development) never makes it into the vaccine itself, but instead is infected with the virus.
This is because unlike bacteria and animal and plant cells, viruses can’t grow on their own and require another living thing to grow in. You therefore need tissue susceptible to the virus (which MRC 5 Is not, even though it’s derived from lung tissue, its still connective tissue. HEK 293 however is, and is being used in the specific vaccine development) to grow the virus itself.


Whoof right over my head but brother im glad that you are here with us to keep us updated on this type of stuff

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Thanks brother. I consider this place my new home online so I want to make sure everyone here has all the information so they can make informed decisions.


I very much appreciate it and im glad to have you as part of our community.

Are you a doc nurse rn scientist any type of tag I can give you under your username?

Im currently in the process of working towards an advanced degree in molecular biology, with the hopes of eventually going to med school and becoming an endocrinologist. I technically have a bachelors in and do part time work with a lab so you could call me one, but the work they have me doing there is pretty lackluster.

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