Very New, Looking for workout help!

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Hello! my name is “yoboyscooter”, and I found this website recently. Looking at other posts, I assume everyone here is very invovled with working out, and knows a lot… So i’m going to ask here a few newbie questions :

  • i’m 22, and have been keeping a routine of working out daily for a couple of years. However, I am quite confused on the muscle milk section of working out. I just go run, lift, and drink water… Can anyone teach me about how much muscle milk I should be drinking, as well as which brand is the best?

Also, can anyone help me come up with a workout plan? I’m looking for full body, i’m 5’6, 150 lbs.

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Welcome to ugm brother i would love to help you come up with a game plan. I will log on after work today and we can get started

I agree that protien powders have there place but I believe that it should only be a supplement used here and there. You are really better off buying real meat protien with your money.

@Bigmurph - I agree. I always believed that as long as its possible, never replace solid food nutrients over supplements.


You are a smart man my brother. 80% of protien powder is un absorbed and let out of the body.
Realmeat protien can be absorbed almost 100% as long as the body can process the amount you are in taking. An average person can process 40g of protein a day if average person works out that number can go up dramatically depending on training. When on cycle as I am now im taking in a minimum 300g of protein a day. When I run my primo cycle at the end of the year I will be digesting 2g per lb which for me should be around 420g-430g a day. When off cycle I reccomend actually taking less protien 100g or less because protien is turned into ammonia in the body which over time can be very harsh on your kidneys and liver.
Yes you are correct though nothing is better than real food to fulfill your macros for the day

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Can you fill out the info on this website: TDEE Calculator
Then, scroll down and click on the bulking tab underneath the Macronutrients section. YMMV as to whether you want to partake in the moderate/ lower/ or higher carb intake. Just like @Bigmurph state above, you will most like be having 300g of protein to complement your training.

Reply back and let us know what you ended up choosing, then we can go from there.

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Thanks @Bigmurph! You, sir, are filled with valuable information. Thank you for gracing us with such knowledge! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Im always here to help anyone can contact me anytime

@Muscle95 read this post start with your tdee then figure out your macros it will help you plan a healthy diet.
Hit me up anytime

thank you very much for your help @Bigmurph

Was there any concerns that you may have had with what your total calories and macros counts were? Just curious if you needed any clarification between the three breakdowns regarding which macronutrients and which one is right for you.

welcome to ug
bm got you going in the right direction. , and let me suggest ask as many questions as needed ,

Welcome to Ugmuscle!!!

Welcome, try what is said and remember there are no bashing or dumb questions. I joke about being just a bit older, so I missed on some of this social media stuff. If you don’t enjoy something or it hurts , stop it. Just make sure its coming from the right place not lazyness. The base I received from powerlifting was invaluble

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