Very sad day

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It’s starting. I thought I was at least tech competent. Ok, do I just go to the verified lab section and click on a topic or place and search through all that to find prices? And I come across, what I assume are specials, but I can’t tell when it was written.OR…DO I scrap everything and contact each place for updated list and any “specials”. I get bored and after gym shoes and, I like to order some other things😎. Help or ignore, if I’m on the right track. I just get home around now and am a bit loopy and want to get the Bitcoin out. Thanks all.

you been drinking?


If its a email src send them an email they should respond promptly and give you a price list or some have sites.
We also have the contest and promo section which the promo should be dated or assume its still going and the src should honor it.
If all else fails send me a pm I will help you out

Are you ok?

Sorry, post was a failed attempt at some humor…very dry. I was having trouble finding things on SRC s , then I noticed some really good promos and I couldn’t tell if they were old or recent. I’m used to being able to check all promos in a different way(eroids). I also work nights and sometimes 15 hrs so I will put up something and make zero sense. I make hardly any sense as it is…bottom line, I wanted to get a few things from arum? Domestic uk gear line and I had seen a special.

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ok, i too have trouble navigating the sources and promos.

im still trying to learn how to navigate ugm

Here you go bro. Click on categories on top.

Then scroll down.

Click on what section you want. The latest will be on top.

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Also guys if you have a question on a source in any thread do the @ symbol and name of the source or member. Im sure @Ukgear or @Fitraver can help answer that question.


thanks for clarifying, i thought that was just the contest section.

promo section could really use some dates

Think I got his question answered on a diff thread already!

@TrenGod, your awesome. Screen shots and everything😊 I just have to laugh at thinking about the product and how excellent customer service I just received. I’d like to reference this in a customer service training at Amazon. My girl is looking for shoes and I’m doing my shopping even easier. Laughter is good medicine, we,at least I take myself too seriously sometimes.

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