Wanted to share my gains

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Welcome to the forum Flashlabs i like your great style with the comp running i am 67 yo man recovering from some massive radiation sessions head face sinus neck ect ,

My most recent proposed photo still requires me having enough energy for the photo shoot as i have to nap right now however i have one that is several weeks old its not as impressive as my most recent planned one with Tren A results showing however it may do for the moment,

I have some D Bells in rental garage and also 1/2 a painters wood plank and milk crates as my bench ect,

I Start with a set of Hammers going light to burn out 20 reps and then across the body DB curls around 20 reps Then reduce weight and with a plank set up for several preacher curls around 12 reps per set x 2 then seated on milk crate concentration curls with less weight to squeeze out around 20 reps each side finishing with few sets of sitting reverse curls then the easy burn stuff like wrist curls back and forward, a nice refreshing workout.

My workouts at times take the stuffing out of me especially legs however at my age of 67 the iron keeps my metabolic rate high and my body receptive to the Test which i use Test cyp at around 150 my every 5 days, and as i said before topping it off for nearly 2 weeks with 50 eod of the Tren A ,

The Tren A has really been a big help in the way it has boosted my immune function and also my energy, as i mentioned i am recovering from massive radiation therapy for head neck sinus and throat cancer, The oncology made me up a special mask for the pin point radiation and this did save my eyes sight

The recovery from radiation takes far longer than i expected and has come with some most painful side effects thank goodness for my hydromorphone at around 75 mg day OR 25 mg every 8 hours plus paracetamol 1000 mg,

These drugs are a God send to one who is experiencing genuine pain, However they block up the intestines and just have to use several litres of warm coffee bean Enema every 2 days so as to keep the liver free of toxins its a bit of a drag, just staying on top requires lots of home work and preparations,

folk get the idea that staying at home recovering is a good rest however i can say that there is little time to just sloth around as working to maintain a decent level of health is a full time job thank goodness for a small pension i receive from the government.

I was 42 kg now have gained a little the tren is partitioning it nicely at 50 eod and amazed at the T A s ability to massively boost immune function going into my second week Magic stuff,


It seems like your outside the USA. Hydromorphone is tabs? 2, 4, 8 here in usa. Exalgo maybe is the brand name where your at. I’m guessing because you called Tylenol,acetaminophen, paracetamol. I’m curious your reason for taking that one. Don’t want to hijack the thread. Pm me if you want. 1000mg x 3 per day is rough on liver but I’m commenting with only a few blips of info. Great job.


[quote=“rnmuscle, post:50, topic:10706”]
[/quote] Hi RNM, Yes Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen in the USA,

And my consumption of Hydtromorphone tabs are a slow release 32 mg tab x 2 / day = 64 mg plus the Dr prescribes me with dilaudid-tablets one bottle per week to use at my discretion they are 4 mg x 20 fast release tablets, i average around 4 per day.
Yes also i consume acetaminophen called paracetamol here in AUS, I Consume around 6-8 day at 500 mg each.

After my radiation therapy which was 15 sessions at around 20 min per session intensive radiation by means of a face mask being manufactured specifically for my face for the pin point radiation ie so i was lucky to retain my eyesite.

One year on my gums and face and sinus and hard palate still inflamed and painfull, also my lower back discs have degenerated and cause much pain ie i have been laboring concreting, dam building drilling shaft sinking brick layers labourer and heavy lifting since starting work as a boy,

My right hand is 100% frozen like a block of ice with all of my fingers throbbing with severe pain 24/7 no feeling except ice cold and burning hot pain like being squeezed in a vice 27/7 there is no let up, i have to take 1/2 Hypnodorm at night with my Hydromorphone and dilaudid tabs and paracetamol 1000 mg just to relax my mind and afford some relief.

I have 2 hernias one massive one in my right groin and it popes out around 5 " the pain going up as far as my ribs, i have to poke it back in and hold it while doing my reps and sets.
Also can not go to the toilet like a normal person as i have to take around 1.5 ltrs of coffee enema every 2nd day because of the blockage caused by my meds, anyway have been suffering stomach blockages since around 6 yo.

Its a real chore to just exist and keep up with my meds, my back pain is so severe that i can not move iuf i have not the medications working THEREFORE i put my solid hydromorphone tabs through the coffee grinder and hen into capsules and THEN i get fast relief so i may remove myself from the bed otherwise i am completely imobilised .

My energy levels are not good and i can only move around for several hours per day sometimes its a mamoth job just to put a pair of sox on or turn the pc on.

My neighbours back yard is 8 mtrs from my bed and they have brought a very loud barking dog home and it is as loud as anything it is a red cattle dog and they will not stop it from barking, and i go to my bed all medicated and their rear deck and the dog is on a level with my bed and its no peace through the pain when the dog just loves to bark, i have visited their home several times for a stop bark however they do not respond.

As you can see i am somewhat of a wreck anyway my immune function was seriously compromised for around a month and nothing was helping UNTIL just the last few weeks did add Tren A @ 50 mg eod, by the end of the first week of the TA everything began improving and my throat and chest infection has cleared up wonderful.
Even before the Tren i was up every 2 hours just knocked out have a drink and a few corn chips to wash the tabs down and then back to bed and collapse .

I find that my 7 am workout helps revitalize my system.
Anyway i still love life and good folk, cheers for now Regards TAB Ps please excuse my punctuation as i am a somewhat weary and will come back later

A daily oral dose of hydromorphone 6.5-7.5 mg is equivalent to 40-60 mg of morphine or 10-20 mg of methadone


Lots of stuff going on…training will only help. So rohypinol and Dilaudid, better than high grade heroin…I’m joking. I have looked into how other countries deal with chronic pain, oncologic pain and psych issues. Interesting. Do you just take tren?

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It was Deca nan 300 @ around 150 pw, with test base of around 120 mg wk
Currently just Test cyp 150 mg every week, and as mentioned for the last 15 days the additionn of Trenn Ace @ 50 mg EOD

about every 8 hours i need 24 mg Hydromorphone and 1000 mg Paracetamol.
Sometimes often mostly all of my symptoms gang up on me and it can be really devistating.

My hard palate and also all gums painful and inflamed feeling, also lower back discs fdamaged i have had ct scans to establish, also my rh lower groin hernia sticking out and causing pain and then my right hand frozen and each finger throbbing and icy cold as numb as a block of ice and burning up type pain, is painful to place hand into a bag of potato chips its like being cut by razor blades, it just throbs and burns 24/7… so now its mostly mind over matter i find some relief also

I am up its 10 to 7 am and will have my last WO of the week its chest i am running a day early so it looks like i will be having fri sat and sun free of working out, good to recharge my batteries, anyway after the WO soon after i will rejoin my wife in bed, it is her day off every thursday, she workes 30 hrs week full time children and youth mental health at one of Brisbanes main hospitals,

it is a physcologically tiring job for her, the aboriginals kids and also the whites who are admitted with drug problems call my wife either aunty or mum, these kids are some are very hard case however my wife loves them to death and is spellbound whenever they show her thanks and gratitude for her help, yeah she loves her work,

well she is low wage however its more than me who just receive a pension and she always puts out when i need some herbal medicine, or a small lot of aas,

she understands what i am doing having been on TRT since i was diagnosed with HEP C over 20 years ago, the doc put me on Primo and it helped me gainn weight, i used french clay to combat the Hep C, suprised my doctor heaps when it stopped showing up on bloods, i never mentioned my alternative treatment …

I did only try H once in my life when i was in my mid 20 s Our house full of hippies we never did get busted as the girl who co rented the house was the chief commissioners daughter, she shared my first cap of H and next day wanted me to buy another i did not want to get a habit so i resisted her offer, anyway she had other physical type male friends who could help her usually…

Its a funny life well not really with the devastation and corruption going on the earth is taking a rumble at the moment, little wonder the elements are becoming unstable sigh.

Just last week an Iraki security officer a man a solid man took hold of a 3 year old girls hand and led her away from the crowd in the mall and R her, it was all caught on camera, he will not be getting an entry visa now… there are many others like him,hmmmm-- anyway back on thread…

Sea ya again and thanks for your concern and interest cheers terry

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I wanted to make this a thread for you to show your gains. Im very impressed brother especially with everything that you have going on you look like a MONSTAR brother.

Normally we can’t discuss controlled substances such as painkillers but in this context it makes sense to include it. I just wanted to let anyone reading this know we don’t discuss narcotics.


Excellent work Terry! Impressive at any age!

Yes i can certainly understand your position when it comes to mentioning medications on the forum as it is a most diverse subject with so many participants that a complete forum could be devoted to the subject and not entirely conducive to the forums main purpose of body building .
I am glad that i got my position across and we came to an understanding of myself as a person with a desire to discuss and conform to wholesome activities within the guidelines and perhaps also be of service whenever the case arises cheers 4 now



Way to go!
Take no fuckin’ prisoners!

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