Wat to eat while stuck in bed

Just got a vasectomy yesterday doc says to take it easy for 2-3 days(lay around and do nothing) and i cant start working out again for 7 days. i just got to 15% bf and im worried this is week is gonna screw me up. protien shake this morning and my wife just made us a a fruit/veggie salad with a dab of grilled chicken for tonight. not worried about losing any muscle mass in a weeks time but if anyone has any suggestions or help on wat meals and frequency over the next 7 days to keep me from a set back is much appreciated

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I would take this opportunity to eat, eat, eat!! You’ll feel unstoppable when you get back in the gym. But this is for me, idk your body type, macros, and all that other fun stuff. Hope you heal quickly brotha


use to be meso when i was younger definitely endo now though

Being your an endo, watch your macros, higher protein, med carbs, and fats can go either way depending on how you feel

thankyou. thats ill do

Yea I agree with @Raphael3636 just rest take it easy and eat you won’t lose it all in a week.

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