Water retention with anadrol

This is my first time trying Anadrol. Feeling very bloated and look like I’m holding water. Normal?
Thanks in advance

Back when could take ABOMBS I did get very smooth from them. I ate everything tho when on them. My hunger was through the roof. Over the years diet was important to keep from bloating.

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Thanks for the Info. I eat clean, I’m about 8% now just feel gross

8% and feel gross. How much mass do you have?

Im 5-6 about 195 right now

Nothing to feel gross about, you look great!

That was before abombs. Just started them

Thank you

That’s not uncommon for abombs

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Part of the ABOMB trade off. Strong as fuck mass like a motherfucker. But smooths you out. Why I’m forever on a bulk cycle. :joy:


TBU pretty much already said it. Unless you stack a hardener on top of Adrol it’ll round you out pretty quick. All those little fibers and striations disappear with a quickness but the trade off is that you can lift a Fiat from it’s parking space hahaha

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Adrol can get tricky, I can run it for 2-3 weeks in the very last stages of cut, normally I take tren out and replace it with adrol, you blow up from within the muscle, aestheticly I feel it’s the best look you can acheive. Now past that 2-3 week mark ( everyone is different ) youll start to spill over. But man I love adrol!

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I’ve literally taken it for 2 days and I feel like a fucking tick! Lol I can barley make a fist and I’m normally really vascular and the veins are all but gone. So weird

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I’m taking,
300 test C
300 tren
40 proviron daily.
Just emailed my doc to get some arimidex. Figured I’d try a little antiestrogen

Wow 2 days that’s it? How much you running? And what does your sodium intake look like

50 mg total
25 am and pm
I never add salt to anything and I make all my food.
Did eat out Saturday night with the wife and it was salty

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Watch your sodium for a day or 2 then see where you sit at. I know everyone responds different but man 2 days and you say you lost all your lines, pretty intense man

Yeah and was pretty shredded. That being said I did just start back up after 4 weeks off following 16 week cycle. Did post cycle therapy though

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This was my arm

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