Wax warmer to heat gear

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My wax warmer finnally arrived what do you guys and gals
The girls said that the color might not fit me what do you guys think lol :sunglasses:

I think that this is going to help out with base products and when I run dhb in the future to bring them back if they crash and just to heat up my shots.


You should be able to pull that color off!! :joy: I tell you, it changed the game up for me. The convenience of it is unparalleled.:raised_hands:

Im happy I finnally got it im going to post an update on how well this one works but it seems to be a decent model.
How hot do you turn yours up to?
I was thinking I would just wing it but it would probably be better to ask before I pop a vial lol
I think its going to be a great tool though especially while pinning large amounts for me heat has always helped with pip so this will make it much easier.

The one I use now max heat says 176°F. I set it at Max to bring up my crashed bottles…a few minutes later it’s like new. Be careful not to drop your vial thinking that the little warmer won’t get it that hot😉. Mine gets hella hot!

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Perfect im going to have to try it asap
Thanks for your help

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Hahaa how sweet it working?

First test will be Sunday I will let u all know about it it’s funny though I thought it was going to be small. Its a big tub you could fit say 15 vials in it lol

This is what I use, works great


How does that heat a candle without making a mess?
Good idea though I like that its a flat pad

Its made for candles in glass containers so you dont have an open flame and still get the smell.

I understand now

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