We have spots open for UG Family

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Hey @members I’ve been getting a few inquiries lately about training. We have a few slots opened up. As always UG members save $100 off normal pricing. You all get this discount price ($150 per month). All plans are customized to your specific goals. If you are interested in joining Titan training feel free to contact me and I’ll get you details on how to start. :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: Here is a little motivation Monday gym pic for you all. Currently I’m eating 605 grams of carbs and 495 grams protein and single digit fats. Let’s help you reach that next level you have always wanted.


Damn brother I don’t have word’s im speechless.
Your arms are the size of my legs

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We’ve already talked @PHD, so you know I’ll be reaching out. Heck of a deal here gents from a serious pro that knows his stuff.


Yes sir looking forward to it bro.

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Hahahaha you crazy lol

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Man I’m super pissed lol. I’ve been wanting to work with you since I got here but I’ll have to wait a few more months to get finances in order. For the time being I’m running another Meadows program which my body tends to respond really well to so I can’t wait to see what you can do for me

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We will bro for sure

You are so smooth…why would anyone not want solid advice, thats inexpensive. that guy looks like a heavyweight. You keep improving, as you should, since UGM started. people really need to take note of how hard that is especially if your trying to stay in a certain class. No injuries either or no major ones since UGM . Thats another tough thing to do. on point, brother.


Thanks bro that means a lot. I try to train smart and have avoided any injuries that would set me back. Other than little aches and pains due to growing but I see a massage therapist that specializes in sports.

Just trying to add on lean weight. Will prob remain in light heavies this year. I’d be at bottom of heavies if I tried to move up a class and I’d get smoked at that level. Just see what the body lets me do.

Definitely will keep in mind once I’m done with my shows come June, brother!

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