Weekend Ribs once again!

Well, as I said yesterday, I at least got around to smoking the St Louis ribs today. The chickens will have to wait until tomorrow. Rack #1 has SGP base with Sweet and Chipotle rubs, and Rack #2 has SGP base with Sweet and Pecan rubs. Rack number one got the home made cherry chipotle BBQ sauce, rack number 2 got some store bought honey pecan bbq sauce. And, we can’t forget the side… smoke bacon n baked beans

The beginning

After 3 hours

After 2 hours rapped and 45 min un wrapped with the sauce

But them beans though!



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Outfuckingstanding I need some

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Very nice very nice,your killing it with that smoker. What kind of wood did you use?

Depends on what I’m smoking. Chicken and pork get some kind of fruit wood, like apple or cherry, along with a little hickory. Beef gets post oak and pecan


I would like to get my hands on some peach wood to try though…

Heard big black wood is good this season!

Yeah I hear it’s great to smoke @Bigswole69

Here we go again polluting someone’s great thread with gay comments


Swole started it

Woody…@John first I need you to google African black wood and show me the images.

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Ha ha I hope you don’t think I’m gonna do that

I just got a Treager last spring, man we love it! The best ribs Ive ever had came off that pellet smoker! Not sure what you used but those look spot on!


@IA-dude , my ex son in law has a treager, he loves it. I use a Masterbuilt gravity 1050 charcoal smoker. And I smoke everything with post oak hardwood charcoal, and depending on the meat is what wood I use. Pecan and Post Oak for beef, Cherry apple or peach for pigs and chicks, and sometimes more post oak hardwood.


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Yep I’m in the capital city of IA. Pretty cold out this way today -24 wind-chill. I was thinking of doing ribs today but I decided it’s to cold I don’t want go back in forth from the house to extreme cold! There always next week end!

I use the 3-2-1 but I extend the 2 to about 2.75 just because we like ours to fall off the bone!

I do 2-2-1 on baby backs and 3-2-1 on spares. I grew up on the south side of DSM but migrated west to Waukee about 10 years ago

That’s to funny! I live on the S.S. about 3 blocks east of the airport. Small world! Well nice to meet ya! You smoking something today? Man it’s fearce out today!

Jesus Christ, I lived about 3 blocks north east… elder lane… grew up there and started my family there. No, I wanted to, but too damn cold!

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