Weekend Sports Book $$$$

So this weekend I am headed to Nevada, my ol’ lady likes gambling and slot machines. Those things make me have seizures, so I stick to the sports book and playing the ponies. Horse racing I can place fairly educated bets based on the program but I’ve not paid particularly close attention to the NFL or NBA in a couple of years. I will probably put some $ down on the Rockets and the Seahawks to beat the spread as its pretty tight (and I want them to win so its more fun than educated betting). If anybody has non fanbased picks (I can bet blindly on teams I like, looking for somebody to kick some real sports knowledge) and wants to share some insight and wisdom on this weeks NCAA, NFL or NBA games please do!

Here is a link to the sports book for this weekend. Thanks for any insight!


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Play first goal touchdown on there for NFL lines. I won a killing on that site before they blocked me. I posted a bunch of my strategy and winnings online before.

Im not really clear on how the odds for 1st score work, how does one figure the odds?

Margin of victory has pretty massive payouts, straight betting doesn’t seem worth it.

They have a line that every game the first goal is a touchdown regardless of who scores.

Odd vary per game but odds are in always in favor of a touchdown. So say in first 4 games of the day i would split 1k and bet 250 in each game. Then take the wins and split it all again in 4pm games. Only games I found risky were the 2- 8pm games.

See your looking to the massive payouts. Thats the risky bets. I look for a higher win % with lower payouts. Ive never lost a sunday.

Nice. I’ll give that a go. I’m not looking for massive payouts necessarily, just going to throw down $50 here and there on some bigger odds to make the games fun to watch. I’m sure going to throw some $ down of 1st goal though, seems like a pretty safe bet. Thanks for the tip, I’m completely new to professional sports betting.

I went with Nebraska, BYU and to a lesser extent Tulane.

I hit on Nebraska. Got money out on Texas Tech, North Western, UCLA, and BYU. Decent spreads and nice payout. I’m not an avid sports fan so just playing $s that look good from an completely dispassionate stance.

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Good luck with the rest of your bets. I wish I could give some picks. I can make money on baseball or basketball but can’t get football systems to work from one year to the next.

Well, the only loss I had was a really stupid bet against the Oregon Ducks. North Western was a draw
Texas Tech, Nebraska, and BYU all beat the spread. NFL games just don’t seem worth it.

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