Wehormone.com hgh and hcg

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I wanted to try @AlexYang from wehormone.com
His hgh and hcg so I ordered 1 kit of hgh and then the hcg. The packaging was the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve been doing this along time. Lets just say it was wrapped really tight.

I willbe getting an igf test soon becauseim going to start running the hgh.
Thanks @AlexYang and wehormone.com

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Thanks, looking forward to hear your test results.

What were your results? Been looking for solid GH everyone wants to fake it. Was running a famous underground GH for a couple years randomly did an igf blood test and the GH was not GH. lol

This happens alot I just started Monday 2iu at night im going to up it to 3iu split morn and night and pull igf results at wk 4.

No red welts or anything like that so far so good.
Alex has really strong hcg which I tested and have been using came back positive so im pregnant lol

Im sure that the hgh will test strong and its priced great with stealth that is amazing

Going to msg you bro

No doubt

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