Welcome New Members were glad to have you and a small guide to get started at ugmuscle we look forward to having you as part of our community

This is our welcome to all our new members.
Whatever your goals are were here to support and help you achieve them don’t be worried by the bodybuilder lifestyle part of our forum we are a complete platform welcoming bodybuilding lifestyle, diet, and training. So were all here for the same reason even im not a bodybuilder I consider myself a gym rat because I don’t have the discipline to get as lean as these pro bbers do so I just like to workout and stay in shape just like everyone else. Im Banned and let me be the first to welcome you to Ugmuscle.com.

The first step at ugmuscle should be just to cruise around the website a little bit and see how things look. The next step is to write an introduction, just write an introduction and don’t tell us anything personal just your stats. Age,weight, height, enhanced or natural. Your diet and your training. You can include whatever else you want but we try to stay anonymous at ugmuscle.

Next up is your Avatar it’s the circle that if you don’t add anything to it just stays a letter and a color.

If your avatar is still just a letter please upload a picture. You can do this by going into your profile by clicking your name twice. You will see that you can setup your entire account with these dropdowns.
This helps the community alot it shows how active of a community we are I was asked why so many members don’t post up an avatar and the possible sponsor thought that it was because they were fake accounts which is BS.

A little while back people started saying that we had bots posting at ugmuscle. I instantly said that we didn’t have any bots and everything was written by real people and the accounts are all real members. Then I remembered that we have disco bot he is a bot and he can teach you how to do different things at ugmuscle all you have to do is tag him in just like me or any member you would like to reach by typing there username @Bigmurph or @ discobot. I promise this is the only bot at ugmuscle we have many members who are all here to help and also to discuss different topics about anything sometimes in our anything goes category. In the other categories though and please place your posts in the proper categories but when your new I can help with this and I look forward to seeing your posts.

People always want the number of how many members we have if you really want to know I won’t tell you because of safety and security reasons. There’s no reason though that if you really want to know how many members we have I don’t think that anyone can actually count them all but if you want you can atleast count the amount of everyday members which participate everyday is only beaten by 3 other forums. That have been around alot longer than us and we plan on getting into the top 3 by this year. Its not that large of a number we have to overcome lol

Also our amount of members that log on everyday and never post has baffled me since the beginning. I love that they come and read everyday but I would also like to get to know all of you just write an introduction and don’t tell us anything personal just your stats. Age,weight height, enhanced or natural. Your diet and your training.
That information and anything else you would like to include would be great just be mindful of the rules and its better to ask if you think that you might break a rule than rather just do it.

Tag me in by typing @Bigmurph this will send me a notification and I will answer your question usually right away but if not asap.

I welcome all our new members and when you write your introduction you will receive many welcomes from people that are all here to help.

**This is our written rules a very serious rule here is that were not a market place nothing is sold here so don’t ask where to find any type of compound. If you don’t understand this then you should probably try seeing how the community works. If you’re still confused tag me in by typing @Bigmurph and I will be happy to help

To leave the latest posts page and get to the categories page please follow this small guide.

This will take you back to the latest posts

This is where you can find all notifications

Search the entire website not Google here

and our entire community at Ugmuscle

If you’re a new member you can post here if you’re curious about anything im happy to help that’s why were all here

If you’re interested in advertising please contact bigmurph at ugmuscle dot com

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Nice bigmurph, that’s good stuff. That’s pretty smart giving the beginners a little guide, it should definitely help them out and maybe put them at ease. Also member of the month is a great incentive for new members to participate, and to win sometimes that’s all you have to do is participate. Either way being UGM members makes us all winners :wink: Thanks brother!


Excellent speaker @Bigmurph. The man :muscle:


Ha ha makes us all winners, so we get to pick from the prizebox to, yay.



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Oh yes Monies, my wife bought lunch today with her monies, it tastes better that way.

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But yes that was well said @Bigmurph, I felt welcome here right off the bat,and that’s not typical for me,and there’s been a steady group of the same dudes, and good people that stick around that makes me want to stay.


When they are paying it always taste better

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LMAO @John just read your post.

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It was to much positivity for me at once


Well just so its known I was being genuine lol but I see where your coming from , it did seem like rainbows and unicorns were going to burst out of that post at any given moment :joy:


And butterflies!!


LMAO yeah brother can’t forget the butterflies


Alright brother you made Mod!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks @Bigmurph and powers that be at UGM for giving our brother @NeuroRN this promotion. I don’t think you could’ve made a better choice. @NeuroRN spends a lot of time with us on harm reduction!!! And many other topics.


Congratulations :tada::champagne:
Always good to hear what you have to say.
Hope the new guys take notes.


@Rusty @Ominous thank you much brothers!


Wait you’re a mod now? Grats man, shit I’ve been gone too long. Laptop broke and couldn’t replace it for a bit, but Im back now with less hair than ever.


Glad to have you back around brother!

I guess that I should have just announced it lol

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