Whaddya motherfuckers doin today

So I’m not working today, agsin, but have the whole house to myself til tomorrow, did tris already, like yesterday I worked in the am which is rare for me. I had a “666” breakfast,6 eggs,6 bacon 6 wheat toast, only one banana though, I ain’t eatin 6 of those motherfuckers. I am smoking a joint and cleaning the house.


I’m heading to gym for shoulders and tris then work 10 hours Tossing wood around


In gym now. Only one other guy here. Guess folks don’t work out Friday mornings around here. I’ll take it tho.


Working. Conference calls in my shirt and tie, wearing boxers down below. :joy:


No. Only Friday’s at 1800 hrs. Get the disco pump to impress all the ladies in the bars. :joy:


So many curls done on fridays.


@TBU @Dirtnasty hahahahahaha. Never thought about that. When I was in my twenties I would always work out until I was shaking before I went to the beach.

At work. Dealing with people. Fun fun.

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I prefer the one arm workout pre bar myself. Got to fire the first one out the chamber

Haven’t had breakfast yet, hoping for an easy Friday with no one bringing me any issues on the job site other than what’s already been brought to my attention at 701 this morning… going to deadlift later, this is my last heavy week on 10/20 life before a deload next week and shoot for PR’s the following week, however there will be no PR’s on squats or DL’s seeing as how the new hip hasn’t even broken 300 lbs in either lift and my PR’s for both are triple body weight in multiple weight classes…


One day I may hit triple weight in a lift. Dl is my likely culprit for it

Hilarious. Is that a slow twitch or a fast twitch workout

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Triple bodyweight that’s awesome bro. Keep up the good work you’ll get there

Usually fast twitch

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I hit triple body weight at 198 in squat and DL, 220 in DL and close in squat. Those days are over, I had a hip replaced in January. I’ll be happy with 225 on squat, and 300 on DL’s

Don’t know much about hip replacement. Sounds painful. Sounds like you had an amazing youth just being able to do that!!! Not many people can say that brother!!!

triple body weight is beast on any lift!!! congrats to anyone who has ever done that!!

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I’m pushing some weights as we speak. But I’m doing it my basement. Fuck the guys in the gym getting mirror time.

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In my 20s I was there. I was 125lbs in my boxing days max bench 295 squat 465, dead lift 415. Leg press 875


That’s where my gym is, I do everything I can to avoid people.

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