What is a good starting point for first cycle for my wife

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After the initial shock that I was starting an aas cycle and typical “why are you doing this.” Now after seeing the gains I’m making and the drive its given me on the weights and in the boxing gym, my wife is now interested in trying a light cycle that will not be too harsh on her body but at the same time give her some light but solid gains and add a few pounds of solid toned definition with my help in the gym. I heard var is a good place to start but at what dose, what length of cycle and what supplements to help protect her from negative sides. She’s 5’8 125 and 32 years old.

@Bigmurph if this needs to be innthe ladies section feel free to move it brother. Also maybe @KodiakGrrl or @calmb4dastorm you can help me with this also.

It doesn’t need to be but if your wife wants advice she will get better advice creating an account it seems kinda like when you ask your pushing it on her.
Have her join the fam

Not at all if anything I’ve told her that i wouldn’t advise it. I would never “push” anything on my wife, other than encouraging her to be the best version of herself she can be. My wife is my best friend and only want the very best for each other. I was just asking my UGM fam because the topic came up in discussion last night and thought I’d ask y’all for some advice for her.

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I’m sorry bro I didn’t mean it to come off in a bad way I should have worded it differently I wasn’t implying that you were forcing her to do it I was kind of just saying that she should create an account and then we would be able to help her out and she could become part of the fam.
I’m sorry if I offended you bro I meant nothing like that. I was just hoping that your wife would join you UGM just like my wife is part of the fam. She is also a member of UGM and has gotten a lot of great advice from our other female sisters here at you UGM

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No offense taken brother. No worries and no need to apologize, I do appreciate it though. I’ve asked her if she wanted to create an account but shes not really into it the way I am.I think it would be very helpful to her in just the fitness aspects of getting her where she needs or wants to be other than just me telling her and teaching her what I kno, which in comparison to what she can learn and from you guys and gals my brothers and sisters here as part of the UGM family is very limited on my part. She could really learn alot from y’all and school her so to speak in ways that possibly i can’t.

I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t offend you brother that’s not at all how it was meant I do need to apologize once I reread it after I saw that you had posted and reply it was definitely out of line for me to say what I said but I honestly didn’t mean what I said the way it came out sometimes when it’s just text it’s hard to get to get out what you’re really trying to say and the way that you really mean it. Just let your wife know that even if she doesn’t want to create an account she can always have you asked anything and you as you know we are always here to help all of us. I’m glad you understand that it was just a misunderstanding all of my wording. You know we’re always here to help our family and friends of our members also with or without an account. If you have any questions from her please post them in the UGM ladies category and I’m sure girl and CB4 d s will always answer them and I will also answer them to the best of my knowledge and I’m sure everybody else that can help will also help.

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I wanted to add in that AAS is probably not the best thing for your girl to start with at least maybe have her try and ECA stack or even some clenbuterol but I recommend Albuterol or ephedrine over clenbuterol. I truly believe that the ECA stack is the best and it comes in tablet form so she wouldn’t have to inject but it also comes in the injectable version which I have some amps and they are amazing I’m actually starting to use them now with the cycle that I’ve started. I’m going to go post about my new cycle I hope you’ll check it out let me know your feedback. Thanks Big Murph

Yes she’s definitely against injectables as far as she goes. I was discussing more along the lines of a low dose var. But I’ll talk to her about what you are referring to and look into it more myself as well brother. Thanks for everything Murph! You’re an amazing help and a pretty awesome dude as well brother!

I always try to encourage making changes to diet… getting it dialed in to accomplish the goal and train accordingly prior to the introduction to PEDS. For most people, the results are amazing from doing that alone. As BigMurph states, an ECA stack is another method used to aid in fat loss and has proven to be effective for many. My experience is minimal with it’s use though.

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When you ran your ECA stack did you use ephedrine hydrochloride or ephedrine sulfate because when I first ran one I used ephedrine sulfate because it was made by Bayer so I thought it would be better I came to find out through more research that the other brand that makes ephedrine hydrochloride is much more effective than the sulfate

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I posted up a beginner cycle on anavar in the ladies thread … really she should be on line in here asking questions as well … it is her body and her experiences

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Calm… I find that ECA stacks are generally only effective and consistent with people who are on the competition level… if a person hasn’t figured it out to get down around the teens in body fat they aren’t going to maintain the fat loss and will also lose significant amounts of muscle mass setting them back in the long run


can you give us some background info particularly what she has done prior and where she is now … ? what are her actual goals and how does she plan on maintaining them once she reaches them ?


The cycle I ran was with Ephedrine sulfate over 2 years ago. Not quite sure if it was g2g or if I were expecting something more than the results I achieved.

I know many a gym rat who are far from stepping on a stage swear that ECA stacks are their go to for cutting fat. ( I can’t tell by looking at them that it has worked🤔). … maybe it’s due to the rationale you pointed out.

As far as my wife goes, we arent seeing eye to eye on s couple issues right now. I 100% agree with you brothers snd sisters. Definitely my intention is not to push anything on her or put her on blast on here. But here goals have to start at one place (with her) I try to encourage her or guide her in the right direction. If shes not ready to change her habits and make the changes to benefit her for a better lifestyle nothing i can say or teach will not be taken into consideration until shes ready to dedicate herself. Shes not in bad shape from an appearance standpoint its her insides and lack of motivation thst concern me and until shes ready to change her diet and become more dedicated to changing those things. Im just spinning my wheels. Her background is somewhat like this. Shes 32 yrs old 5’8 120lbs. As a younger woman she was into gymnastics and track and field…we then had our son back on New Years Eve 2011 and everything took a slow but steady decline since. I want desperately to help get her where “she says she wants to be” but talk is cheap and i have to see some drive/ dedication and want to before I can truly help her. So with all this being said, i agree she should join UGM create an account and maybe you guys and gals could help steer her in the right direction. Thank you all for your input @calmb4dastorm @KodiakGrrl @Bigmurph

Also let me add…i dont believe she is AT ALL READY FOR AAS.

Holy cow … she’s not overweight… but it is pointless to run it unless she’s gonna do something … var isn’t cheap and youd be better off taking the money and wiping your ass with it … to put it real plain… she definitely has a decent foundation once she gets back to training … it would be nice if she’d just come on and look around …

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Yes ma’am! I totally and 100% agree! She sees how hard i train not just on the weights but the boxing gym as well. So she knows its not magic. You have to be dedicated to the training first and the aas is just a small tool to help resch those goals. But it all starts with you, your drive, motivation, and dedication, most importantly not be affraid of putting in the hard work bc it will pay off if those things come first and foremost.

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