What is for dinner part 2

What is for dinner part 2

Well boys the family is not goin hungry WOOOOOOOO


Nice one man! Great kill!

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yeah i didn’t even set mine up this year lol


Haha looks like mine the past few. Need a new truck to make it to the woods.

that was a perfect shot bro. did drop as soon as you shot

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It was a heart shot, however he ran about 40 yds and called it a day, woods was silent, I mouthed a few doe bleats and he came searching.


im wanting to get a blind so i can take my boys with me. im afraid one of them will fall asleep and fall out of the tree lol.


Nice kill! I can’t wait until next fall, my new hip and I will be out killing deer!

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Ha ha well that’s a good idea

New hips are good

Decent buck.
I’m guessing you live North Eastern part of the states?

Check out this mount I put in my living room…
Ladies are usually against ‘hanging dead animals in the house’, but I have yet to get a complaint from this…

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Looks good and my wife doesn’t mind either sometimes I do little skull mounts like that, but this little one I shot I gave the dogs a antler each they love chewing antlers.

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I like that you framed it lol

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lol! added some ‘flare’…
Rather than just having a skull on the wall.

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Not to hijack this thread, but I was at my dads farm a few weeks back and found this in his machine shed. The first buck I shot, almost 22 years ago


That’s pretty fuckin sweet bro

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