What is Test Base? How is it taken?

What is Test Base? How is it taken?

Whats is test base? Test TNE 25mg - (test base 25mg/ml) How is it taken? For what purpose?

Also, what is Trest Ace MENT 50mg - (trestolone acetate) How is it taken? For what purpose?

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Sometimes when you ask questions im worried about answering them because it seems like you don’t do any research.
Its not bad to ask questions but these questions can easily be answered just by searching the compound name on our site not even another search engine.

Test base is testosterone without an ester in water
TNE is testosterone no ester but in oil

Usually used for pwo and used a couple of times a week or daily.

Ment or trestolone acetate is an extremely Anabolic compound that is known for putting on mass very quickly but it comes with side effects. Estrogen is extremely hard to control on this compound.
This compound is also being studied in the EU to use as androgen replacement therapy. It is said that you can use ment without testosterone or with little testosterone and not get shutdown. So hopefully in the future ment will be the new trt.


I laughed


Sorry brother, I did a little research but was looking for real word feed back. Like actual usage and gains. Won’t ask the obvious questions any more.

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No please ask the questions but just look at how you word them im here to help but if you want to know what cycle a compound like ment would fit into that would be a legitimate question

That sounds more like you want the break down on the compound at the molecular level and dosage , half life and such.

Im always here to help brother ask any questions that you want but so that I can help you out with a better answer give me a little bit more detail in the question and I will write you an essay about it I just need to know exactly what you are looking to find out.

Im always here to help brother no matter what I just want to be able to understand exactly what help you are looking for brother.


If you would have added that to the question I could have given you a much better answer then the basic cookie cutter answer.

Bad wording. Would like to know how people have taken and how it worked. What did you feel/gain from it. Is it worth taking.

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TNE has no ester attached therefore it’s available immediately but also outta your system in bout 4hrs. TNE can make for a great pre workout or if your in prep and need to keep bloat at a minimum

How does it make you feel? Like a bunch of caffeine for 4 hours?

No not at all, no jitters, get aggression, boost of libido,.and just wanna lift hard in the gym brotha, sense of well being and focus can be attributed to tne as well

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No way buddy, way better

So it’s not like a mini tren high? Tren makes me an animal but also a little jittery.

No jitters at all in my personal experience. I love using on sparring days and when I’m doing pad and mitt work in the boxing gym because the laser like focus I get from it is unmatched by anything else in my opinion.


For a beginner, what dose is best to start with? 1cc?

Your tne is 25mg/ml? If so yes 1cc will be a good starting dose to see how you like it.

Yes it is 25mg.

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