What is the best time to Pin?

What is the best time to Pin?

Ladies and Gents,

I have another question. :partying_face:

When is the best time to pin? Mornings, eve, 1hr before workouts?

I have always tried to pin prior to working out, usually 2-4 hours before working out. But in the end, I dont believe it matters, just when it’s more convenient for you.

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Whenever it’s most convenient for you.

What @n3rd said unless your using pwo then I’d say a hour before if not a little longer so it’s peaking as your in the gym, not when your almost done.

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I like to either pin first thing in the AM when I wake up, or right after an extremely hot shower so I’m really loose and warmed up.

What everyone said is right on, what ever works for you, whenever you have time to.

Wicked :+1:t3:

I’m planning on doing a Monday morning Thursday night routine for first go round with test. That way is about 3.5 days in between.


Sounds about right

It depends upon the compound the ester or lack of one and your goals.
Many variables to take in to figure out when is the best to pin but usually as long as you keep your levels stable you will be alright.

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Depends on the ester. Long esters I pin in the evenings. Short esters I like to pin 2-3 hours before workout. Orals I take 2-3 hours PWO.

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