What is the Very Best All Around Fat Burner

I have done a decent amount of research on:

injectable L-carnatine_ Many ppl and tests show it to be amazing in energy boosting, fat loss, combined with shuttling fatty acid from your fat cells into your mitochondria in your muscle which is a huge plus especially on cycle. It is also supposed to be just AMAZING when combined with insulin and while on cycle I will be on 2iu 2-3x ed.

Clenbuteral_ Probably the most popular. I also have read that it does a good job of shuttling fatty acid from your fat cells into your mitochondria in your muscle. Good energy boost when taken PWO. On the down side I have read ppl that absolutely can’t tolerate the side effects or the feeling of clen which concerns me having PTSD. Also I have read from ppl that it can really eat away at your muscle when combined with T3

Yohimbine HCI_ I have heard great things about the euphoria feeling that comes with the energy boost. It also is supposed to block the effects of SSRI anti-depressants on your erections and ejaculation problems. And since I take SSRI and it makes it extremely difficult to ejaculate this would be a great benefit.

ECA Stack_Also very popular. Many ppl use it non stop. I have not found much info on ECA up-regulating the transfer of fatty acid into muscle cells, but it does up-regulate your thyroid to burn more calories for energy. The main weight fat loss is through it’s thermogenic properties [I hate being hot, I workout with a cold towel around my neck] I also don’t know how safe ECA speeding up your thyroid is when combined with T3 and T4.

OTC Thermogenics_Most are Based on 500mg+ Green Tea Extract w/EGCG 60%+, and 500mg+ Garcinia Cambogia Extract. They seem to get really good reviews and are stimulant free so I don’t have to worry about my PTSD freaking out and they supposedly can be taken at bedtime so your burning fat while you sleep. On the down side they don’t give any energy boost. and I already take a supp that contains 1000mg Green Tea Extract w/80% EBCG

So I would really appreciate your experiences with these and how good or bad they work

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If i take just 20 micro g of clenbuterol in the morning …i will suffer brain damage in the evening. I react very bad to generally all stimulants, also i pay a lot of attention to good, long, deep sleep; which for me is the best fat burning situation, so my best fat burner is: 200 mg caffeine at 6 am on empty stomach, 100 mg at 12 and 100 at 3 pm

Best weight loss for me is protien pushing my metabolism up by eating 5-7 small protien meals Ed and cardio

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Depending on the situation of how much fat and what the actual goal in question would be could definitely change my answer but intermittent fasting and fasted cardio in the morning with an ECA stack
Ephedrine hcl not ephedrine sulphate
Caffeine 200mg
Aspirin 81mg
I went from fat as can be at 36+bf probably and I naturally dropped about 65lbs by changing my horrible eating habits. I still got exercise and worked out but really learning how to adjust your nutritional intake is probably the best all around fat burner.
You can take as many compounds or starve yourself and it will burn fat but it will come right back. Until you change what and how much you take in you won’t really burn fat or grow muscle.

I wanted to add don’t use clen or Helios even me recommending an eca stack is bad. I just wanted to make sure that everyone understands that these type of fat burners are so bad for your heart.
I should really only reccomend albuterol its light and gives you a bit of the jitters but reduces the strain on the heart alot. It also will really help you alot with cardio because of the added blood oxygen levels.


Great info! i have yohimbine and take just recommended dose of 1 pill…curious if its safe to take two…i did notice a change with the one for the better but not where i feel i need to be…i think it also says do not exceed 4 weeks of continuos use…so i had stopped it a bit and just started it again…not sure if the destructions on using it are for safety purposes well ahead of the danger mark or if 1 a day pill no more than 4 weeks is a couple wewks outside the severe side affecys zone… i do have clen…but reluctant to try because i do have somewhat high blood pressure which that issue is being resolved especially as i drop weight and have completely change my eating habbits for a while now…so i will check on that…but i lnow alot of people mention clen and i have seen the nice results from that on others

Anyone ever try injectable L-carnitine and insulin in a fasted state?

I would agree with Bigmurph that you really need learn how to diet correctly before thinking of adding drugs or supplements. No matter how much stuff you take if you arent eating correctly in right amounts then you wont make much if any progress brotha! Diet is the ultimate key to everything in bbing


Many believe that cardio is almost always the answer. IMO diet plays the biggest role in loosing unwanted BF. I agree…eating a balance and portioned control diet will work every time.

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I’m fyyaaastin! I’m fyyyaaastin! :rofl::rofl::rofl: j/k well i was good with the eats till un organized beyond my control project work schedule kicked in…completely threw me off and my safty in panic was to stop eating…I MEAN…restrict!.. calories and up cardio to keep loss going… but got things sort of under controle and making sure i get something 3 times a day.

oh i need to mention…i would recommend the yohimbine for instance in my case…i was VERY drowsy…no energy extremely depressed and out of it at alot because of it so that was a real challenge for me and the goal i wanted to reach…i had 0 drive it was a mess…the prescribed test…cus i had very low was helping but wasnt enough…i knew i needed a boost…something that would give me energy or a sense of awakenness…and as well curb my appetite…the biggest need so i can control my servings and what i ate and be able to ignore cravings…i tried to get prescibed other meds that had specific side affects as the appetite surpressant deal as well as to help with my mood and well being…a stimulant but i was given every thing but the stimulant wich i never took…in research…as u do with everything i came across…i even look up individual chems in a compound or sup and the initial purposes…i found yohimbine to be perfect for what i wanted andits a natural substance…it actually helped me greatly and was the added fuel i needed to get me this far not to mention it andnthe test combines aparently…um…brought me back to life!:rofl::rofl::rofl:…i have gotten clen twice…one i gave away…and the recent one i still have for incase once i get to the right point…MAAY consider using it…or…i might whimp out and give that one away. :rofl::rofl::rofl: and stick with cycling yohimbine

Simple, guaranteed and hands down the MOST effective way to burn fat… Ketones.

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Keto with intermittent fasting is golden!

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DNP, I’ve seen some drastic changes in body composition within just a few days of it with diet and cardio.

You right there @Andrew0409. When I posted my ketones comment I should have stated ‘short of taking dynamite’. :wink:

But I have to say, unless you are competing and really know what you’re doing. It’s not necessary. It was my last life line to drop a little bit more weight going into a fight to make weight if I don’t think I can water cut enough or at least at a level where I won’t die from water cutting.

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I was a weight restricted competitor in the past but not at a level that I would have to take such extremes other than killing myself in a sauna.

That stuff scares the shit out of me. Dangerous stuff! It’s not worth it.

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I agree that DNP is best fat burner but extremely dangerous and not for anyone other than seasoned vet and competitor!

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I posted my experience with DNP on a different thread on this site. I agree DNP is definitely not worth it; I personally need to get my right eye lens replaced to fix a DNP-related cataract issue.

Right now I am using Nutrabio’s fat burner. It’s Thermo Fuel V.9, if any one is interested. I’m on day 2 with it, my appetite is suppressed and today I have an amazing amount of energy.

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Look into Irisin it’s a hormone produced naturally. It turns white fat to brown fat which is easily burned as energy.

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