What’s your opinion / schedule for Training & Rest Days? Pros / cons

Obviously at the end of the day training will come down to your schedule. I’ve personally always trained each muscle group twice a week. Monday - Saturday. But usually only hit legs once a week unless I’m recovering fast. Something I just started doing 2weeks ago Periodically is focusing on one muscle per session and damn have I been getting good workouts. Just back day, just shoulder day. Maybe it’s more efficient to throw in another muscle group same day overall though what are yals thoughts? & Schedules?

BUT really curious about maybe incorporating a mid week rest day??curious if that could yield better results / gains? I’ve just always heard you want to grow something more? Train it more. Obviously you want to train as efficiently as possible and not over train, I’m curious if anyone’s switched rest days to maybe Monday / Friday, or Wednesday / Sunday? And felt like it benefited more? It’s mentally hard for me to take a day off mid week if I’m feeling good.

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So there are days during the week where I know I have too much the day before, maybe a hard CrossFit workout, etc.

The next day the toilet got extremely low to the ground and I had to pull myself off, yet it’s those days I find a good body weight day or light weight high rep hypertrophy set, focusing on doing the exercise right.

A couple guys on podcasts say that it’s the off days when you grow, so eat up.

I take Sundays off and find that Mondays CrossFit I can give it my all and be happy with the performance, when mid week it’s a prayer and a struggle if I lifted hard the day before.

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Sundays are usually off day unless I want to do extra bicep rear delt work. And I will take day off if deal rundown from work and or Rec drugs

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I do 3 on, 1 off, 2 on 1 off.

  • chest
  • back
  • legs/calves
  • off day
  • arms
  • delts/traps
  • off day
    ** cardio 5 days a week after weights
    *** abs twice a week at the end of weight workout on whatever days my energy is good.

I train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 15 min of yoga on those days before bed and 30 minutes of yoga on Thursday and Sunday (off days). Don’t underestimate the need for flexibility and ROM.

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I hit muscle groups twice a week. Monday is Upper Strength. Tuesday is lower strength. Heavy weights few reps. Thursday is Back and shoulders hypertrophy. Friday is Legs hypertrophy and Saturday is Chest, Biceps, and Triceps. Lighter weights with more sets and reps. Wednesday’s and Sunday’s are my rest days. I’ll continue this routine through this year.

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Over the years I’ve tried everything. Three on one off / two on one off / five on one off etc. I’ve learned now just to listen to my body. If you’re tired and your body feels fatigued, take a rest day! I usually take one pure rest day per week, no cardio / no training.

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4 days on, 3 days off per week to maximize recovery, and my days to lift are typically Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday… been doing it that way for over 20 years. If I was training conjugate method (westside) I hit the big 3 twice in one week, a max effort workout for bench and either squat or DL, and a speed workout for bench and squat/DL. Speed days always includes both squats and dead lifts, Max effort days was either one or the other depending on the week, with 1 week every month hitting both to 95% in the same day. Other training templates allowed me to lift one lift heavy, one lift for endurance and one lift for speed on alternating weeks, the older I got those methods worked better for me, however the ability to utilize different exercises and different bars wasn’t really there like it was in the conjugate (you’re encouraged in west side training to do lifts other than just the big 3, i.e. front squats, box squats, cambered bar squats, safety bar squats, if you pull conventional your training should be sumo and vice versa, deficit pulls, block and rack pulls, a lot of bands and chains (bands are better than chains, the accumulation of weight comes on consistently rather than all at once) for Bench it was floor presses, board presses, pin presses etc, etc… therefore your CNS was always guessing, rather than just becoming accustomed to 1 lift). The 4 day split with days off between every workout allowed me to maximize my recovery and allow to continue to build strength in a sport where the goal is to always best yourself…

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