What should PSA levels be

Got blood drawn today at TRT clinic. Wanted to start legit therapy again to have a prescription for testosterone. They said my PSA levels were too high. At3.24. Here is photo. Does Dbol affect it. Maybe because I stopped my cycle only two weeks ago and test was really high then.



That means that your prostate is enlarged and you need to get that checked immediately im not sure if the level is that high but this is how they know to look for prostate cancer brother

The level is almost 4 you should definitely get a prostate exam so if anything you can catch it really early god forbid

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I have in 2 people close to me fighting prostate cancer right now I might be freaking out a little bit but I definitely reccomend getting checked.

One person caught it early and there taking medication and the other that didn’t catch it early is doing radiation treatments so I just wanted to give you a heads up I believe that @NeuroRN can really help with this brother

I should have also said that testosterone definitely enlarges your prostate im not sure about dbol though

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Doc said that and I was running test pretty high for a while there up until two weeks ago. He also said a lot of ejaculation can also increase it. I have been doing that about four times a day for a long time. He told me stop any test or dbol or anything and in two weeks come back for another blood draw without ejaculating for four days. Lol I said that’s gonna be difficult


Lol it will be difficult lol luckily don’t end up like me im still not functioning SMH

I hope that it does drop back down it should

Have you been waking up to use the bathroom multiple times at night?

Two times usually. But I sleep with two bottles of water on my night stand lmao smh

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I think that once the hormone’s come down hopefully the psa will also

Web md says under five it safe for most. But it is 1 higher then my baseline. So they wanna be sure

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1 higher at our age with our lifestyle you gotta check this is another thing that is becoming a thing
It seems like so many more people are dealing with this possibly another side effect from hormones being in the food chain for so long.

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Another reason blood work is so important

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Harm Reduction at its best brother much respect

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Sorry if I missed this but, what has been your PSA in the past?

1.6. A year ago before TRT. Then 2.3 post TRT. Never checked it while on cycle.

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Just reading this. Brother prostrate stuff is our breast cancer.

Please look into it. As @Bigmurph said. Early detection can be life or death at the very least save you from some extremely miserable surgery. This IS NOT something to play with.

I too have had buddies with prostrate C. It aint no joke!


Your prostrate is enlarged and getting bigger. Are you losing your “push”?

When you pee… instead of pissing a hard steady stream… does it feel like it’s just draining out? Or a little push but not like it was.?

Me pee seems fine.

At your age it’s probably nothing, test is known go inflame but Does not enlarge the prostate according to most recent research. BUT that is zero reason to take this lightly. A prostate resection is a brutal brutal procedure most often leading to an inability to ever have an erection again. So pay attention.

@Poppy is right. How is your urinary stream and flow?

This doc should have done a digital exam.

I agree with coming off all test and checking levels, and I think you should follow this advice. I still believe you should be prepping to pct by now just in case your legal proceedings don’t go the way you hoped.

If you know you have elevated psa levels, from this point forward you should NEVER have labs drawn without a psa level. Ever. The only reason that should happen is if you’re being lazy or foolish.

Some elevation with age is normal. But you said your known to have elevated levels, and you’ve only checked it once before? Come on buddy, that’s not harm reduction. That’s out of sight out mind hope for the best, it probably won’t happen to me mentality.

I would listen to your doc. Come off all hormones for two weeks. Re check.


I don’t recall saying it’s been known to happen before. My level increased after TRT to 2.3 I think. And now the third time it’s been checked is right after a blast at 3.2.

I’m not taking this lightly. I hope I didn’t come off that way. Prostate cancer is a horrible way to go. And I am following his advice. The hard part is gonna be no sex or spanking the monkey for four days prior to next test. Smh

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