What should PSA levels be

Hopefully that’s all that it is.

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1.6-2.3 I took elevation from baseline as known to have history of elevated levels, and so far it’s gone up every check.

I’m glad you are listening to him. It’s four days. Lol you can do it.

Is this the second or third cycle to be cut short related to health/lab changes?

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@Rusty is this the second cycle in a row cut short because of labs? You know I’m health first always. It may be time to adjust your goals to fit your long term health. You have a lot going on right now, and the last thing you need to lose is health. I know you want to be big jacked dude with abs, but two cycles in a row should be a warning shot. Most people don’t get those.


No. I finished this one. Been off for couple weeks.

First cycle went fine it was second one cause cholesterol. Third cut short cause injuries and didn’t make sense to take gear with three injuries. This is fourth and went fine until after finished. Stopped TRT also to see if baseline changes.

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Brother @Rusty

I completely agree with @NeuroRN

I believe you have some health conditions that you need to address and get laying flat.

Maybe drop back to a moderate trt dose and get completely healthy. Maybe 6 months to a year.

It’s for the best. You’re at the age where a wrong turn could have extreme negative lifelong effects.


I’m not busting chops here. Elevated psa’s cholesterol and bp are all serious things and your next step is 50 brother.


Cholesterol, injuries, high bp on cycle and post cycle labs. You are 2/4 for finishing cycles. I think you need to take some time off compounds. Stick to trt. Stop putting the emphasis on the compounds. @Poppy has made SERIOUS progress on trt. I hope you know we’re not just busting your balls but putting health first. You’re not 20-30 years old… you’ve got to pay attention to what your body is actually telling you.


I had to stop taking “lady anavar” hahaha my renal system couldn’t even handle 10mg a day. I felt it bad on it also. Not worth it to me.

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Honestly my cholesterol has been fine since. BP is only high when taking blast. PSA has me concerned. I will wait and see what doc says after two weeks. Then will go from there. I appreciate all your concern I really do. If I do start another cycle after eight weeks it will only be if baseline is good. And definitely no alcohol. I will also be doing bloods periodically and if anything is off and concerning I will cut it short and give it a long while. I am just so close to where I wanna be right now. But first gonna start with doc and new bloods in two weeks

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…. This is my point. When you’re taking compounds your body isn’t responding well. Do what you think is best.


I thought it made everyone’s bp high. I remember we had this discussion back last summer and you were wanting to know what my BP was off compounds and it was (if I remember correctly)120s to 130s (depending on day and what time) over 80. And high on compounds was high 140s over 90s. I thought the big deal was if it was a massive difference between what bp is on and off. Maybe I misunderstood

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I did say that. But I think it’s time for you to look at the big picture. Thats a piece of the health puzzle. And you’ve had multiple set backs.


Change of PSA over time is what I understand most uros focus on. I went from the 1s to the high 3s over the course of a year when I had a urinary infection, but then (while on blast) dropped from high 3s to mid 2s to low 2s and now back into the 1s. My uro was concerned about the rate of change on the way up, but explained it by the urinary infection and was pleased to see it drop right back down the further I got away from the infection–even though I was on a blast.

@Rusty , your rate of change is significant, and you are close to a 4, which is the point at which my uro would have done a biopsy. If I were you, I would get re-tested within a month to see if your PSA is continuing to increase or dropping. If increasing, talk to your uro about whether you should have a biopsy.

Benign prostatic hypertrophy and the flow issues that accompany it is very common among older men even when they do not have prostate cancer. I have had it when my PSA was low and when it was high. Cialis and Viagra both help with flow and with not having to excrete so many times in the middle of the night.

Not a doctor, so this is just my $.02 from personal experience and reading.


Ya. I am definitely getting it rechecked in a couple weeks. My doc said it could be also from the amount of sex and masturbation I’ve been doing while on cycle. I’m still going three to four times a day. When on cycle was sometimes five to six. But he wants to make sure that’s why he said no ejaculation four days prior. I wonder if there if a pill that makes a guy unhorny. Cause four days I don’t think I’ve gone that long ever since puberty. Even if sick or injured. Lmao. But I gotta try.


My friend @Rusty I’m not being preachy nor am I telling you what to do…you’re a grown man and can do exactly what you want. I support that.

I’m going to relate my experience to you as it concerns aging. You’re on the older side of spectrum here on ugm. You are NOT a young man anymore.

There’s outliers like @Kad1 and @herrubermensch that are advanced age lifters and look great with matching performance… for any age let alone their age bracket. They are taking multiple compounds and monitor their health very closely. They regulate their input as warranted. It’s apparent they know exactly what their body responds to positively AND negatively. Me on the other hand… apparently my body will not tolerate many things. Bad decisions in my younger days, hereditary…doesn’t matter… it’s the hand i was dealt. September 2020 I made the decision to recomp my body. I already knew the training portion… it was how I would respond to the chemical portion that I had to keep an eye on.

When I was your age mid to late 40’s, my doc kept warning me about my sugar and my drinking (renal). I paid him no rabbit ass mind. Me and him would have the same discussion every 6 months… at age 52 he walked into the exam room and shook my hand… he said “congratulations young man, you are now a diabetic”. I had already quit regularly drinking (soon drinking all together) so my renal functions were improving.

Wife put me on a strict diet and my a1c dropped regularly for a year (i was on quarterly labs and doc visits). Well as I aged it creeped up… it would fluctuate high… lowish…high. Then I got some “hair brain” (another story) ideas and it shot back up… joined ugm with high blood sugar got my ass spanked for one of my proposed cycles in preparation for my 60th bday.

I bought the “testosterone optimization therapy ” book recommended by @NeuroRN and studied that thing. I optimized my trt and have had 2 labs done since. All my levels are coming or have come into normal zone… especially a1c.

I added in 10mg of anavar a day… kidneys couldn’t handle it. Tossed that… I could feel it making me feel bad. I’m currently experimenting with primo… that’ll get tossed also if my labs show anything detrimental.

I wrote this small novel to try and explain that guys your age might be better served to drop back to the very basics and get ALL your health markers straight or at the very least trending that way over the course of a substantial amount of time. Then add in one compound at a time between labs.

You’ve got a lot going on in your life at the moment. Maybe making some prudent decisions right now will at least take your health out of the equation.


I appreciate that brother. And am tracking my health. Bp this morning was 130 over 80. Not terrible actually for me on the low side. Hard part is gonna be convincing myself to do the right thing and I don’t know what that is cause my heart(which makes a lot of bad decisions) is ruling my thought process over my head with the issues. Not being stubborn just being honest. And maybe stubborn also. I’m gonna start with following the docs advice on this PSA. If it doesn’t get any bettter then that answers my questions(in my brain) right there. If it gets better than I will have to take a hard look at the rest of my issues. And try and not deceive myself. And if I go to jail well that’s that also. So one thing at a time for now. Process of elimination. I am definitely not starting any cycles until the trial is over.


A couple of other points. First, let me say, your physiology is really admirable–I couldn’t get off more than three times a day under any circumstances. Hell, I’m proud of myself if I can do it twice in the same day! So you are super healthy in that regard, @Rusty , and as one ages, that becomes an increasingly important focus point. Good for you!

Second, when it comes to alcohol, I’m not sure this will help, but there definitely was a time when I could not visualize myself not having a bottle of wine and multiple drinks every day. Just big city lifestyle to work until 8:30 or 9 p.m., go have dinner with drinks, then a bottle of wine, then an after dinner drink–every night, night after night. I truly could not “see” myself any other way. But I didn’t want to drink that much, so I tried to see myself acting differently and adopted some guidelines to help, such as no drinking during the week except in truly exceptional circumstances, or having “dry January” with no alcohol at all for an entire month, etc. Couple that with some athletic goals, and the next think you know, I “saw” myself as the guy who rarely if ever has more than a couple of drinks or glasses of wine. Bolstering that is the positive changes to your physique and mental acuity that come from less drinking, and damn, you can start visualizing yourself not drinking at all. I don’t think I will ever do that, but I am very happy to be the “two drink maximum” guy who doesn’t drink at al during the week. I guess the point is this: Try to visualize yourself acting differently when it comes to alcohol et al. The more you do so, the more you will find yourself realizing what you have visualized. Like hitting a baseball: You have to visualize your swing, and the more you do, the more likely you will swing as you have visualized. I get the feeling this might help you.


I think drinking has had a lot to do with some of my issues. And early on in my AAS a year ago to six months ago. My diet was shit cause I was on the road a lot working. So a lot of restaurants. Neither of the two should accompany a cycle.


You’ll love the primo! You’d better always lol

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I just read alot of this and it does sound like everyone is telling you to stop and not use gear.

I myself have stopped for awhile because I need to put humpty dumpty(me lol) back together again I ran into alot of problems health and life not the same as you but same type of situation.
I cut off and stopped everything which has been horrible but I had to so that I could get myself right.

Im not saying stop im not saying blast or trt im going to say whatever you believe is best to do you should do @Rusty
I believe that it has been long enough now that you know what happens when running a cycle and what happens when coming off.
You have experienced injuries and you have had an incredible journey since you came to ugmuscle. You have made great gains and achieved goals set that’s always great.

If you have any questions I will always be here to help brother. I believe that you have been around long enough though to know about Harm Reduction and what to do, listen to your body and run your blood work.

I look forward to seeing some pictures of you brother.

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