What to cook in the smoker today!

Baby backs, 2 racks. Usually I get them from a local butcher, but they were a little too spendy this weekend, so I went with the Hormel version… only difference is the Hormel are previously frozen, the local butcher is always fresh from that week.
Prepped them a little different than normal, usually I soak them in Worcestershire, but my wife neglected to inform me we were out, so I coated them with mustard like I do my pork shoulders… then Salt, Garlic, Pepper, and celery seed. On the smoker for 2 hours, pouring heavy smoke to them via a mix of apple and cherry wood @ 225, then bring them back in, wrap them in foil with Coca Cola, brown sugar (which we were also out of) and butter, 2 more hours, then 1 hour un wrapped (5 hours total)… they weren’t as sweet as usual, but they did the job.


Looks great :star_struck: can we see finish product or too late :innocent:

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ill take some

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I might have to ban you for being such a good cook lol
Im always so hungry looking at your pics lol

Keep em coming

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Yeah, I’ll take photos of the leftovers tonight.


Oh yeah buddy

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