What would be the right cycle for me?

I’m 42 and need to add 10-15 lbs of lean mass. I’m very new to this and want to learn the right way.

Sorry if you wrote this before but how many cycles do you have under your belt or is this your first run at it?

My first go at it

My first cycle was Test E 500mg a week. Monday/Thursday for 12 weeks. Was the best cycle growth. I was in the gym 3 years working to my PRs and plateaued. Diet was heavy on protein and vegetables. Lots of protein shakes. I gained a solid 20 pounds and killed all my PRs. It’s basic and see how you react. Got to like pinning too. That’s the big jump. Sticking yourself for the first time. :joy: it’s a learning thing.


I enjoy the pinning so much I decided to take cruise dose of 250 a week until contest is over.

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As stated.
Just test at 500mg a week for 12 weeks or so.
And get bloodwork before, during and after.
Have everything you need before you start. Eating correctly is key to growing.


I agree with test as a first cycle. You really need to understand what works for you And your body. It’s the most important thing. . Everyone is different when it comes to how their body reacts. So take it slow and you’ll get there.

First cycle test 500-600 mg per week12-14 weeks with pct and ai on hand before starting and first cycle MUST HAVE !!! In my book is BLOODWORK pre cycle for baseline 5-6 weeks into cycle to see how body reacts so you can adjust dosage and ai if needed and post pct bloods to make sure you keep gains


great advice, also bloodwork when cycle is finished (including post cycle therapy PCT) so you know that you have recovered

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Everyone’s advice was spot on! If I could add something helpful I would also suggest working with a trainer or a coach! Regardless of what stage your in its money well spent! If your completely new to testosterone I’m excited for you, you’re gonna feel like a new man!

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