When purchasing gear online things that can help

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When purchasing online you need to make sure that you are ordering from a real src and a reputable one.Our sponsors here are very reputable and are great src’s but if for some reason you decide to use another src try and do these things before ordering.1. Email the src see how long it takes for him to respond see if he will give you advise maybe even help you build a cycle.2. Remember though that a src is going to tell you exactly what you want to hear so make sure that he doesn’t get you to buy compounds that you shouldn’t be using especially if you are a beginner.3. If you’re a beginner just use a beginner cycle only test an ai and pct. This way you can see how your body reacts to Testosterone and how hard or easy it will be to control your estro with an ai or with maybe Proviron.4. If you have used before have experience using test and running different compounds but its your first orxer online. Do your research on your src and the lab you will be using. Research online what others are saying about that src and the lab you will be ordering.5. There are only around 5 top labs then there are around 25 good labs. Weather its for hgh, annabolic compounds or peptides which peptides you need to be very picky who you get those from because peptides are usually garbage unless you find a real src for peptides.6. This is the most important one too me try to get real pharmaceutical companies products. With pharma grade as long as you’re not ordering fake stuff then you are getting top of the line products.7. Remember alot of ugl labs try to appear and make there products look like they are real pharma grade. There are only a few companies that really offer pharma grade products. If a company produces tren they are definitely not a pharma grade company.Tren was never meant for human use so real pharma grade companiesdon’t produce it.8. If you use any of the banners at the top of this site they are all quality products. One has pharma grade products from india and around Europe.9. Even if you don’t use pharma grade test or or other products. Atleast use pharma grade or top 5 labs products for pct and for your ai. Especially pct its almost the most important part of the cycle its worth spending a little extra to keep your gains.10. Try to just use your common sense. Trust your gut and do your research on products labs and src’s. If you do these things you should definitely enjoy your cycle.Im Bigmurph any questions feel free to contact me just send me a message and I can guide you in the right direction.


Try the banner that says buy steroids online even if to just take a look.You won’t regret it :slight_smile:

Good write up @Bigmurph

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I can now add to this to make sure that you can lose the amount of money you put into your order. Only order what you can afford to lose because it can happen I just lost 2000$ worth and no I couldn’t afford it so I learned the hard way.
Stay safe brothers

I haven’t bought gear online (bit of a control freak, prefer to get it myself from the manufacturer or a trusted pharmacist/chemist as opposed to relying on a sales oriented middleman, very expensive and challenging to do this but hey if you’re getting paid and you know how to research and network, you should do this too), but I do have a few things to mention beause it is incredibly easy/tempting to take a few shortcuts when obtaining gear and the ramifications of these mistakes can be fatal.

I will preface my statements below by saying that I’m not doubting the intent or integrity of any specific source on this forum or any member who can vouch for them. But unless the reviewer has a masters/phd in chemistry or other pharma related sciences from a top tier Instituon, I have to take every review I come across w/ a grain of salt, especially since in this game short term positive results DO NOT imply that the product used is in fact awesome and can be used repeatedly-I elaborate more in this below.

  1. There are some solid books that will help you understand how to spot fakes, how to minimize chances of the gear you’re buying being counterfeit/low quality, and detailed profiles of each compound and individual labs.

I didn’t even bother thinking about what and how I want to buy before reading both Underground anabolics and anabolics e-book edition cover to cover. They’re a bit dated but still the best non-broscience based unbiased reference tools I’ve come across.

It is nice to come across reviews that support what you learned after doing your own research, but if you’re using online reviews as the sole basis of your decision making, you might want to take stock of your life and then decide if you really want to play Russian roulette with it.

  1. Labs/distributors often overdose on a their initial production batches/sales to a customer to build consumer confidence. Once they have flooded the market, then some of them do start underdosing to maximize profit. So watching trends in reviews is important.

  2. Even fthe most potent ugl products can end up with heavy metal type contaminants which will not have an effect on your health immediately but as years of use add up you start seeing effects that make your health deteriorate faster than normal.

.this is the scariest of all factors imo. Is it worth being superman for a bit if you’re going to end up giving yourself dementia or require daily dialysis in old age or in the case of maybe even significantly increase the likelihood of having a baby with a disorder at birth?

The amount of time, money, and resources legit pharma companies have to put into quality control to comply w regulations is incredible. (Read Underground anabolics for lengthy chapters describing equipment, processes, etc. and then think about how unlikely it is for most UGLs to be able to afford even just the the equipment needed.)

this is why I trusts only huge labs that have obtained approval from foreign governments to operate as legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers in those countries or at least legally sell their products in countries that have relatively lax regulations on gear. E.g. Balkan labs in Moldova has a huge ISO certified pharma facility. Another one - Asia pharma, a Malaysian brand, has obtained permission to sell most of its prodicts (those w clinical value e.g. Anavar deca proviron etc) legally in pharmacies in Thailand. Note: these are ugls not traditional legit pharma companies like Bayer-schering or Sandoz that manufacture some aas in addition to regular prescription meds.

Now this doesn’t mean all small ugls (mostly domestic if you’re in the us or aus) are selling vials filled with HPV. But if you rounded up 50 domestic small ugls and 50 huge officially sanctioned pharma labs and did some quality testing, you would notice a huge disparity in the frequency of contamination and efficacy of products btw the two groups.

  1. If you’re looking at a major brand chances are they have been tested and reviewed on Maybe not the exact compound but still extremely useful e.g. If a particular aas product made by a ugl product gets flagged on this site even once for having substantial heavy metal contamination I am done w that ugl, doesn’t matter which aas product I actually want to get.

(Note-in this point, by fakes I’m referring to gear ends up being nothing like what it’s advertised to be. Could be the result of it being a sugar pill/coconut oil w no aas in it, or substituted/mixed w a cheaper but somewhat similar aas, or just a plain old low quality knock off of the original product.)

Use common sense-vendors/pharmacies in countries where a specific steroid is actually produced by a large manufacturer and sold at an inexpensive prices are less likely to sell fakes - profit margin Isn’t high enough to sell counterfeits and take on the risk of doing so. On the other hand the incentive to counterfeit var and primo for a US or Australian lab is incredibly high.

Also if a particular aas is expensive to produce it is mire likely to be faked (e.g. Primo, var fakes). On the other hand, dbol fakes are really hard to find.

  1. Managing risk-our livers are amazing and process toxins entering our body 24-7. Injectables do end up getting processed by the liver eventually but the first pass through the liver doesn’t happen with them like it does w orals. Contaminants and toxins can do plenty of damage after entering your bloodstream while skipping the first livers first pass.

I grew up in a perenially filthy, dirty country where it was almost impossible to find uncontaminated medicine, milk, water, or even air. And I certainly don’t have above average genetics, if anything me genetics are shoddy compared to most guys. But I still ended up becoming a healthy well proportioned man with no non genetic mental or physical ailments. Why? Because my liver rocks.

Moral of the story is that I’m a lot more willing to risk obtaining orals from a ugl than I am to obtain injectables from them unless someone with more than 7-8 years of use of that particular product from that particular lab can vouch for it and I am also 100% certain that this persons health did not suffer as a result of using the product.

  1. The internet is a scary place where anybody can claim anything to be true or pret me to be anybody. Historically forums dedicated to use of gear have been rife w mods who would push a few specific sources and trash every other source, not because of actual or perceived product quality, but instead because they were getting incentivized to do so - freebies, huge discounts,loaded gift cards etc. this doesn’t mean all mods are the scum of the earth. But it behooves the potential aas user to try to poke holes in the mods credibility by researching them and their online activity. Google is a wonderful thing especially if you know how to formulate advanced search queries. If they are squeaky clean, you’re good to go. Otherwise proceed w caution.

  2. F*** broscience. It pisses me off when I see bs spewed by chatter boxes online and then this becomes the de facto truth. E.g. People online will tell you “it is not the end of the world to get an abscess and or an infection from an injectable. That’s just your body responding to the aas and getting used to it.”

BS. A clean product injected using good technique and equipment in a clean environment will never cause an infection. Period. You may have an allergic reaction to the aas, the ester, the oil, or the antiseptic compounds used but in that case you will have a similar reaction every time you use that product. Yes allergies can get better but sriously do you want to inject yourself with allergens??

Unfortunately, well meaning users have been forced to use shitty products for so long in legally hostile countries that they don’t know any better.

  1. From what I’ve seen so far our mods are genuinely in this to help each other and the community with their aas related goals. Some of the advice they’ve provided has contradicted mainstream opinions which, being the skeptic that I am, threw me off a bit initially -e.g. Proviron gets a bad rep and is considered useless with the advent of new AI, but this was recommended by @bigmurph. But I did some research and identified how proviron can be a competitive inhibitor to estrogen and then decided to try it out. I will say I like how it works with my body a lot better than how arimidex works with it. Lot fewer sides and much better for lipids.

So, definitely I would recommend at least researching advice dispensed by them, they know what they’re talking about.

Long extremely opinionated post I know, but this is a psa that needed to be made.


Thats a great write up i also try to use all pharma grade products. Most compounds besides test you need to use a ugl. I also use get resource.
The srcs that are verified here are because there a long time reliable src with blood results and other tests to back up there gear.
Im glad to see you are liking the Proviron its in my opinion the most under rated compound. You can have Testosterone levels at 5000 on a blood test but if you use Proviron you will have a much higher free test levels and thats what really matters. If you want to talk about different ugls just private message me and I will tell you my experience with them


I think the biggest thing is that the people here are all experienced and knowledgable in their own areas. For training @PHD is one of the best. Hes a top level competitor as well. @BigMurph is one of the best people I know when it comes to compounds and what does what. Ive never stepped on a stage, Im just a former pro fighter and go between functional training (what was best when I was fighting) and bodybuilding (as I got older). Its been over 20 years ago since I first walked in a gym. Over 17 years since I did my first cycle with limited knowledge at the time since we relied on magazine for info and then had to research articles in publications like New England Journal of Medicine on our own at medical university libraries… As far as our mods, all of us never want to see anyone regardless of where they are and their background not achieve their goals. We want everyone to get the best results and without wasting money or time.

This site costs me more then its ever made but I believe in it and the people should know what to do and when without bullshit supplements or drugs pushed down their throats all the time. Its important to us that every source is reliable and tested.


I am tiring of flying halfway across the world couple times a year to stock up. So the time for me to try out some of the ugls is coming, appreciate the support will ping you when I’m getting ready to stock up again.

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I can definitely point you in the right direction

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@TrenGod I can deff vouche for that. We want everyone here to succeed and want to keep people from making the mistakes we have made. @TrenGod and myself have been fucked over plenty of times in this game. This is why spotting fakes and scammers are very near and dear to our hearts. We hate theifs and liars. We all work too hard for our money to let someone just steal it.
I love to give advice in training and help teach people the correct way of lifting and even the correct way of using gear. I was fortunate coming into this over 20 years ago (fuck that makes me sound old). But I had too level
Guys take me under their wings and teach me the correct ways to lift and when I decided to jump on gear the correct ways to cycle gear for optimal results

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