Whenever I see someone make a post about gyno


That’s fucked up but somehow arousing!

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Shes even wearing a baby monitor on her waist

My kinda woman

What the fuck, I bet her dads real proud, and I’d say her husband to, but she probably don’t know who the father is anyways


Damn @TG lol.

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We are all gunna die. I bet she ate tide pods as well… @TG baby monitor… I wonder if the baby is high as well…

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Thanks alot @TG, now I have an erection at work.

Wasn’t it you who asked about drinking breast milk a while back? I think might be right up your alley :joy:
The milk of Gods.


No it was that fucking dumbass @josh

I’m kind of offended, I’m pretty sure he was the biggest tool ever

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Oh shit, you’re right. Damn I forgot that name existed :joy:. My apologies brother

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Ha ha

Whatever it takes to get your protein in.

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