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I take a minute today to hope and pray for quick healing for Las Vegas and many people whose lives changed forever in the time it takes to pull a trigger. It sickens me that a person can be enjoying music and get pierced by AR 15 round. No discussion from me, just a suggestion. Thanks.


I was just reading a very long article about this and they really have no idea why a guy just decided to rain down bullets on the crowd.
He had to have planned it because he brought a bunch of guns and ammo with him.
Fucking crazy

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He also had a Camera in the room to record it, so it was deinantly premeditated. I just hope they don’t turn this into political propaganda!

I think it’ll be hard not to do. As media first started posted him as the posterchild for Trump supporters. Then when it surfaced he was anti Trump and attended anti Trump rallys they quickly change the tune. Now they are deleting online postings and videos of him at the antiTrump rallys.

And Hillary had to get a word in saying “imagine if he had a silencer”. Guns aren’t the problem. Sick and evil people are. I just think the family’s should be able to mourn in peace.

Media has too much political interests in this and supporting Hillary. Theres alot of theories out there and chances of us ever knowing the truth just wont happen. Sadly politicians will always use an incident for political gain.

Prayers for all who suffered a loss to this madness

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