Which do you think is the best pharma grade test and why?

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I prefer testoviron depot by bayer myself but have heard great things about norma hellas which ive used there decca but not there test.

I would like to hear some opinion on this from other members.

There are so many different brands of pharma grade from around the world.

This is my favorite just click the banner

Testoviron Depot

Man, its hard to say. I have access to alot here. I will say this that my favorite product line now is biosira. Unfortunately they get faked but my response on their orals is phenomenal over others. The oral tren is amazing and I dont need to pin daily. literally just take tren with breakfast.

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Of course a @TrenGod eats tren for breakfast with some carbs and protien I bet.

I love biosira @TrenGod I haven’t seen it around in over 3 or more years. Their halo is off the chains. I still have a pack waiting for next comp.

I was thinking of their halo with my next “cycle” in a week. Will be running for long term test p daily, tren A daily and mast eod.

I just pour a few on my plate every morning like vitamins. Love that stuff.

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I’ve been seeing biosira around i can point you in the right direction but I don’t know if there legit

@Bigmurph I had a guy that use to get. He was one of the few in US that got them. Been years since he’s had them though

I know a src i will get you the link but its unverified

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My personal favorite is nebido brand test undecoanate. Typical dosing protocol is 1000 mg per 12 weeks, elimination half life is 21-25 days, days in system is 41 days so dosing it at 250 to 500 mg/ week is awesome. no ups and downs, no need to take an ai because aromatization is very controlled as well, super consistent feeling all the time. only con is it cost 70 bucks per 1000mg, but still even with the cost its so much smoother than test e or test c

I have a post about neibido also you can get test undecanoate which is what neibido is just from a couple of ugls.
I know geneza has it

Love oral Tren, what sucks is I totally missed any prohormones due to the fact that after GHB was sold at the gnc I worked at in 89_90. I thought no way otc supp could work. My girl at the time took a preworkout/ booster toward the end of “trenabol”, superdrol, halodrol it was powder and had a shotgun of everything. I was like , go ahead it ain’t gonna do anything. OMG, she blew up, 5’7 125 to like 155 hard. I was disgusted. But…:slight_smile:

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I used to really like Atlantis sten and deposterona . Sten was a dollar and deposterona was 300mg for a buck or three. Halo from Atlantis was super cheap 2mg. Mexican stuff. Sten was like 100 mg of cyp and 25 prop per vial or ml. Deposterona was 5 cc of 60mg of like a sustanon mix, but for 10 bucks you could do 1g of long, short actng.

Lol nice. I fucking hated anything GNC put out. Biosira is my favorite. I have a good supplier and can never get enough of parabolox. Yesterday I cough and the wife freaks out when that happens in front of her. Always asks me why I cant just take it all in pills all the time like other meds. It does make it eaiser but honestly if it werent so hard on the body with so many orals I would switch over more. I get a better feeling off the orals then I do on amps anyway.

If u can, where can I " read about" biosira. Sounds interesting.

There should be a src coming on as verified that offers it. Going through verification now

This product exactly. Have to careful with the sources as its an item that was highly counterfeited a few years back.

@PHD remembers it back in US market. Im lucky my EU guys carry it at a good rate. Best stuff I ever used.


@TrenGod yes those are the best orals I’ve ever had. Wish I could still get them

UNVERIFIED has it. I love this site

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UNVERIFIED they carry them. Ive ordered here i dont know how many times. I definitely recommend

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