Who is gonna be the one to get in on this sale?

Hit me up for details on how to get a list!


Sale rocking. Reach out for details.


Sale continues!

Apologize for post and guess it was flagged for a key word, or something I must have missed. Hope it wasn’t offensive asking for contact update.


[email protected] or [email protected]

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Sale continues!!!

Whats it take to get a list?

Renegade broke the rules but he is trying to get intouch with you

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You should write an introduction

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What rule did I break?

Your brand new and at this point, we will not move forward.

I broke the “being brand new” rule?

I allowed you to keep your account you still haven’t written an introduction or partipated in the community.
If you don’t participate in the community then you’re here for the wrong purpose and should go to the type of website that you are looking for or you can participate in this community.

No but gearchurch has its own set of rules they use

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I just rejected your last post and now im banning your account because you can’t act like an adult


Dust in the :wind_face: wind


Renegade is renegone

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