Who wants Quads?

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If you are a serious bodybuilder then you know you have to have quads. Who wants to make their quads grow??? Who needs help??


Here is my quad workout for the next 3 weeks.

Leg extension superset Bulgarian squats 4x20
Hack squat 10x20 20 15 15 15 12 12 12 10 8
Smith machine squat 5x12
Db lunges 4x12
Leg press 5x20
Db stiff leg dl 5x25 (no rest btwn sets)
Lying leg curls 4x25

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@Fitraver here’s the one that killed me

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@PHD @trengod I am going to give a variety of this a go today actually. It’s my cheat day, and usualyma do a big giant set but I. Gunna do legs by the self at first then add a little chest/back/shoulder tri sets after instead of giant sets.

For the stuff legged, if no rest does that mean just do 125 reps straight? Or why does it say 5x25 but no rest? Just take like a 10 second breather between them?

I just did legs and core today but my leg workout goes no where near that far I need to step up my game.

I do 25 rack it then pick up and go again

Okay cool!

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Good lord youre an ox, my quads feel small now… respect it brother

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Hahahaha thanks Bro I’m trying. I think they may finally be bigger now. Welcome to ugm @UNITED

Bro… how big are your legs?? 32s??


What I want to know is where the hell do you buy jeans at for those? lol!!

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Hahahahah @Islandswole I have no clue. They are bigger now lol. @UNITED Buckle is the only place I can find good jeans lol


Hahaha that’s insane… goals! And yes, buckle is the place to go for bigger quads

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