Who Will Win 2021 Chicago Pro

The 2021 Chicago pro is coming up and the lineup is looking great. Who will win the show? Will Sergio Olivia Jr place higher then Hunter Labrada? Will Hassan Mostafa place high enough to qualify for the Mr. Olympia? I’ve been following all the physique updates from these guys and Hunter and Sergio look ready! I got my money on Hunter placing higher then Sergio and possibly winning the show. What are your thoughts?


Should be a good show

Hunter higher than Sergio it can definitely happen ive only seen pictures of these guys.

Why do you believe that Hunter is going to take this one home? I’m just curious these guys are all so big they all blow me away I really need to get out to a show ive never been and im really interested in the atmosphere and such ive heard everyone is pretty cool and its a great time.

Do you ever get a chance to hit the shows? Possibly you compete? @Uglyman101

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How has he not qualified yet?

I thought that this guy was one that makes it every year? Or am I thinking about a different name?

He has done a few shows this year but he hasn’t one any yet. He has placed in the top five so he will get points but unless he out right wins a show, the only other way is if he finishes high in a few shows and get points. Also could go wit a special invitation but I don’t think he will get one.

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He is a monster, his Achilles heal is conditioning. If he nails his conditioning, he will be hard to beat.

I don’t compete and never been to a show. Tampa pro is coming up and would enjoy going. As far as placing, I am just going off the recent physique updates from these guys. I follow Nick strength and power on YouTube and his channel is all about bodybuilding.


No doubt I will be honest I don’t know Nick Strength I will check it out

I had no idea Mostafa hadn’t done well its actually one of the names I recognize and I was surprised. Sucks that he is having a bad year.
Who knows does he have a chance to come from behind and steal this win from everyone? That would be an upset lol

Im curious who is going to win for sure im going to have to pay attention and check it out

Hunter and Serigo will go at it … as long as Sergio can show up in shape. Hunter will be in shape! Both guys look good on social media accounts! Hunters back had improved tremendously.

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I saw there pictures big guys

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I’m good for Sergio

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