Why are steroid doses split

Why are steroid doses split

I’ve always split my dosages mon and thurs but I never understood why I just did it.

Is there a reason for pining long esters on multiple days. I know it’s a stupid question but I would like to know.

Here is a website that’ll help you understand.

But AAS pending, it’s how long it stays in your body.
The frequency of pinning is to maintain a certain level of AAS within your system.
Check this site out.


Thank you

No such thing as a stupid question. Don’t ever be afraid to ask. Short story. Keeps your levels from spiking. And losing the compound value at the end of the week. (Or a significant drop)


Appreciate it brother

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Yea brotha it’s all about keeping blood levels stable as possible

That’s what keeps the sides down on most cycles. Learn your esters when building cycles it’s pretty much paramount. Hate to be screwing your body up for nothing and wasting money… I was young been there haha. Still have a lot of friends there too.

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Even with sustanon which is a timed release of testosterone over a month, I feel better taking small doses EOD. The blood levels feels more stable. Less ups and down psychologically. Small frequent doses should lead to less estrogen conversion and greater free testosterone levels. But, if it’s too inconvenient then you definitely will still grow off once a week shots.

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I’m lost @johnjuanb1 which ester in sust is gonna be active for over a month

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The half life of decanoate is the longest. It’s half life is 15 days but it’s still in there for a month. I love sustanon! I look more full off sustanon then off Cyp or Enan.
The four types of testosterone used are:

Testosterone propionate, half-life of 3 days
Testosterone phenylpropionate, half-life of 4.5 days
Testosterone isocaproate, half-life of 9 days
Testosterone decanoate, half-life of 15 days

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Ok yeah I’m dumb, but anyways,I started out using sust and enjoyed it, but strayed away from it when I started using mixes with all I need in one shot, however I will be back to everything separate once I start my next one,and coincidentally it will be your test and tren.

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