Why does the scale never budge when on cycle?

Hey guys,
So not very worried about it at the moment as I have 12 weeks before nationals to make weight. But I’m curious if anyone has any resources/evidence as to why the scale never budges when on a cycle? Is it just me? Currently I’m on a caloric deficit, tracking everything to a T. I cycle my carbs (5% on off days). But I notice that regardless of what I’m taking, scale doesn’t budge, but I do feel leaner. Is there something that I don’t know? I’m sitting at 179 and have to be right under 165 by June 30th. I’m just noticing a trend here when it comes to using gear. It always does this, it’s happened with var, win, test and now primo. I’m pretty conservative with dosing as well. (On 30 2x a week of enth right now) so didn’t know if anyone had any information on why this happens. I’m curious if it’s just water retention, but I don’t feel puffy. I also have cabergoline if I need to utilize that( a friend of mine who uses primo has to use it from time to time)

Is your scale broke :wink: haha but no I feel like usually the first few weeks of adjusting my diet I don’t see a whole lot of progress. It’s like it takes my body a week or 2 to understand it’s job lol

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Each and every one of us are different individuals with different metabolisms…for me as soon as a do longer cardio or more frequent the scale drops, as soon as i have two low carb days in a raw the sale drops. During my days of competition making the weigh was never difficult for me …my concern was to hold on to the weight for as long as possible. You will find your way around, just stay watchful and dedicated it will come to you. I also want to congratulate you for going to nationals i certainly admire you for that. You are gonna do awesome…this is the year you become PRO. God bless you.

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Haha I wish!! I just didn’t know if it was in relation to starting a gear cycle because it always seems to be at a stand still if im on something

Thanks so much! I appreciate that! Yeah I’m trying to just lose slowly since I’m in a performance based sport. I could cut my carbs and drop but I fear it’ll affect me performance wise!

I use the mirror now ,not scales anymore if I like the changes I see I’m happy I’m going the wright way

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I wish I could! But with my sport i have to compete in the class i qualified in

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