Why I carry. Everywhere I go

All I’m going to say. Sad state of affairs in this country. These families deserve better. I can tell you this. I have no problem addressing these fuckers double tap. Angers me to no end.


Yes I carry even when I’m not supposed to be.
Gotta be able to protect your Family and others if need be.


I almost always have my shit on me, next to me or otherwise and I always carry a blade. The only time I don’t is when I’m in the shower and even then it’s usually in the bathroom with me lol.

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I live in El Paso now. My wife is in Fort Bliss. We always go the Cielo Vista Mall. The people are so nice here compared to my home state of New York. What happened here yesterday was horrible.

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Why are we never at these events? On the other hand, You would have to take them out, In some idiots view if you immobilize the shooter you won’t be a Godsend but they will say wait for the police. The reports say they respond in one minute, then how long to figure out what and where? This one sociopath punk will get a lawyer and get his bullshit manifesto read on CNN…and so on. I would love to see one of you a couple yards from the shooter(in this case it would have been potential) when he pulls out his rifle and gets 2 hots to his dome.

Just words of advice. Always scan your AO. Pick out the possible threats. Be alert. It’s not being paranoid. It’s assessing your environment. No one needs to take action. Save your family and those around you. If it’s not possible. Take down with the intent to render immobile. If you are CCW. Fire to eliminate. When the cops show. Only thing you need to say is “I was in fear for my life and those around me. I have nothing further to say till I speak to my lawyer.” You’re going to be arrested. Be prepared. If you fight. Be prepared to kill. Period. Shoot to wound is in the movies.


I have a pistol in my truck 24/7. And 1 on me at all times in public. Home life. It’s like a armory. I have a family of 5. Honestly I wanna do my part to make them safe as possible. On the other hand. These mass shootings are getting to common. Things aren’t like the used to be. What are they going be like when my 4yr Old daughter is my age.

100%. I stay informed but I haven’t watched nightly news for 5 or more years. Age has a lot to do with it. When i was younger, i used to think writing a letter to the editor or the elected rep would change something. My first responsibility is to my immediate circle of family. Until those are 100% safe and taken care of, we can’t do much for everyone else. I’m not cynical or indifferent but with the computer age it seems like my “neighborhood” is the whole world and i dont know the people living next store anymore. If that makes sense.

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