Why many coaches and personal trainers?

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What’s with everyone being a coach all of a sudden? I meet guys who prepped for a local show and didn’t compete but because they went through the prep they suddenly think they’re qualified to get others ready for shows? Then there’s the guys who placed in their local backyard competition so suddenly became experts… it gives such a bad image to the legitimate coaches out there.

And god… on to the personal trainers, it’s like they watch a few videos on YouTube and then decide “okay, I got this.” Try having a conversation with these trainers you see in your gym and you’ll suddenly realize how unqualified the majority are. It makes me wonder how they make money but then I see their clients and understand.

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It’s sad but true and I am a personal trainer. I was the fitness manager of a huge company and I saw this first hand. My trainer turnover rate was over 80% yikes! To be honest I’m not sure how some of them passed the certification, it’s not an easy test. I have a B.S in exercise science and am currently workoing on my masters. IMO I believe that should be the new requirement for personal trainers. Just my two cents.

For example, if you want to be a division 1 strength and conditioning coach you have to have your masters degree, along with your CSCS


I couldn’t agree more! And that’s great to know we have someone with your knowledge on here.

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Thank you very much, glad to be apart of the community!

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I used to complain about this all the time. Everyones a coach nowadays and an expert. Even the pros started letting others use their name for “coaching”. Then send generic cookie cutter plans to everyone.

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Some are real some are fake but 80% are fake I saw a guy on Twitter that had his Ph.D 14 years experience that’s a real Coach that’s someone you want to take advice from but when it comes down to the guy at your local gym claiming to be a coach and a personal trainer with no paperwork or anything the back you except for muscle you might want to listen to him but take what he says with a grain of salt

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Exactly! Be careful who who take advice from. If it’s a “cookie cutter” approach, run as far away as you can. Most coaches try to over complicate a diet. It’s literally as simple as calories in calories out( caloric deficit). You just have to find the right balance of each macronutrient.

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