Wickr and Privacy Concerns. Steroids and Sources

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By now most people know about the privacy app wickr. Sources use it all the time now as a way of communications. However the code has never been published and verified like other apps such as Wire.

For awhile now wickr has been pushing to go to a “profitable” model as they’ve claimed. This has led to the development of a professional platform. Wickr has previously released a white paper on the app. Which is something but not enough to verify if it’s valid or not. But people maintained the trust in it.

As such not enough people trusted the professional version when they could pay for a service that was code released where people could inspect the code and verify it’s secure. Wickr has now reported they refuse to release the code on the free app and would only release the code for the professional business version.

Soon wickr will push an update to the app in which they claim you must relog into the app to continue using it. This is a concern since that means the app structure has completely changed. They don’t want you to review the code but still want you to use the service.

It’s been in media alot lately that many drug dealers in EU were using the free app. Since Wickr is more focussed on profitability and is restricting access to the old and new code it’s pretty safe to assume they are hiding something. With the new rollout it’s possible the app could not be secure and information sold off to a govt organization. If they claim they are not making money on the free personal version they should have no problem releasing the code the way wire, signal, telegram all have. However they are obviously hiding something and this new rollout should be a concern.

If you use the app try to get your contacts to switch to Wire which is open source. You can create an account online with a throwaway email address and use that as your log in to the mobile app.

If soon you get a notice wickr upgraded and you need to login again i would immediately delete the account.

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Good to know. Glad you told me about wire. I like wire better it’s a lot smoother imo

Fuuuuuck! Really? Guess I will get the wire. Email thing is odd tho. So you just create a bogus gmail account or something? It can’t be tied to you crating the email account tho?

The upgrade is happening on the 12th of this month.
Wire is the best choice?

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Yes just create a bogus email. Use tor if you need to or a vpn. Access the email once to give you an account and then never use the email again. Even an temp email address would still work.

@Bigmurph yes wire is open-source and has been reviewed. The few bugs initially found were fixed and is the best choice.

Signal and telegram both require a phone number to use and setup.

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Im going to send this link to guys letting them know

@TrenGod can you go in and delete the email after even? Or what’s a temp email? How do you get those?

If you wanted too you could but no reason to really. The email is just your login name. But you change your username in the account. If you try to setup thru the app it will only ask for your phone number. Thru the desktop it gives you the option of email or phonenumber.

A temp email is just like the services here

Theres other providers as well but thats just an easy one. The @ address is the easiest one imo to get passed most websites.

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Its interesting that Wickr is trying hard to promote that the source code they released for their enterprise app is the same one for their wickr me app. Its two totally different things and if they could release one, why not the other? They link to it on their blog and when you read it, its only the enterprise version.

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@TrenGod wire app is asking for a phone number to register it seems

Only on the mobile app. Create account on desktop. You just need email

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Just saw this. Doing it now.

Then when you login on mobile you use the email option to login.

@Ukgear I’m off the other you should get this and pm me your name once you do. Make it something random lol

@Ukgear here is the info

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Bumping this as the update went thru already.

Wickr just went to shit after the update its fucking useless right now.
They did this update the worst way possible in my opinion

They are logging usernames and passwords on the new servers. This is only way they can monitor it on the new servers by emulating the accounts. Thats the purpose of logging in and out.

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