Wilder vs Ortiz

Wilder KO’d Ortiz in the 10th rd last night to remain undefeated and retain his WBC Heavyweight Championship belt…but I can’t wait till he finally faces Anthony Joshua. Those wild windmill punches he throws ain’t gonna work in a fight with that guy. He’s lucky he wasn’t fighting in the Tyson, Lewis, Buster Douglas, or Holyfield era or he wouldn’t have stood a chance of even being a contender against any of those guys!

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I didn’t see the fight but in my opinion heavier weight boxers just don’t have the skill and finesse that the guys you named had even adding ali to the list.

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I agree 100% with you bro but of course I’m a little biased bc I’ve been in the lighter weight classes my whole life. Personally I don’t care what anyone says about Floyd Mayweather. I model my whole game after that man. Everyone likes to say “oh he just runs and dances his way to a judges decision” or he ducks this fighter or that fighter. Those ppl obviously haven’t followed his whole career. He’s faced and beaten the best the sport has to offer in 5 different weight classes and multiple champion in every single one of them. Yes I agree with the ppl that say hes a great “defensive fighter” but that’s not all he is. He is one smart son of a bitch inside that squared circle. He downloads data of his opponent like a computer and then takes away there strongest weapon and finds a way to win no matter what. If you go back and watch fights from when he was 130lbs early on in his career he was a pure beast! Watch the Mayweather vs Gatti fight…it was clear way back then he was on a whole other level than any fighter of any era. As he got older and started having to move up weight classes to find competition that’s when he started becoming more of a defensive fighter bc after all in the end when it’s all said and done you want to still have all your brain faculties and not be punch drunk like most fighters and also as I say all the time myself, “The name of the game is to hit and not get hit”.

I agree I will see that Floyd Mayweather is definitely pound-for-pound probably the best fighter ever. But I’ve met the man and he is a complete piece of shit. I guess that’s just the way he is but the man can box better than anything I’ve ever seen in my life his fighting style and the fact that he is in amazing shape is incredible. He is extremely discipline when it comes to his training and staying clean and sober he’s just all about women and having a good time and making sure that everybody knows how much money he really has he loves to show it off.
If you can always hit and not get hit you will definitely be a champion I can tell you that. LOL but yeah for sure that is the name of the game. Who would you say right now decides Pacquiao Mayweather all these top names that everybody knows who are the up and comers that people should watch out for and we’ll know their names in the future you know of anybody?
Besides yourself of course LOL

Errol Spence Jr will be the Welterweight Unified Champion as soon as Keith Thurman stops holding his belt (WBC) hostage and stops ducking and making excuses to not fight him. Spence holds the (IBF) belt already. Then there’s Terrance Crawford who is at 140 and I think will eventually fight Lomachenko bc there is no competition for Loma at 130 so he’ll have to move up or meet Crawford at a catch weight in between the two and I think Crawford will expose Lomachenko for the overrated fighter he is. He is good but he hasn’t fought any top competition. Also the twins the Charlo brothers are a couple to watch out for as well. Charlo will most likely fight the winner of Canelo/Golovkin and probably beat either one. Sorry for rambling again but if I had to pick one to dominate the next era of boxing it would be Errol Spence Jr or of course myself​:boxing_glove::sunglasses:

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