Wipe down your equipment at tbe gym

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i was just looking back at pics from my first cycle. started off at 180 lbs, finished 12 weeks later with ringworm.

started off with “what is this little mark”?2014-04-25_08-31-53_185

a few weeks later im at the doctor. full blown petri dish.

3 years later i still wipe everything down


I used to get that shit every once in awhile from the locker room or equipment playing football no way really to tell back then where it came from everything was not clean.
Definitely something that sucks to get.
You have a multitude of bacteria and fungus you can get from others at the gym especially.
Get shower slides if you shower at the gym.
Great post

I keep a mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water, plus Lysol wipes in my car just for this reason. I learned my lesson while wrestling in HS.

You guys had it worse then us ball players at my school those mats were horrible

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