Wiregaurd VPN Testing

Wiregaurd VPN Testing

Any of you using VPNs should know that the newest player in beta Wireguard protocol is testing fast as fuck. On my mobile my download speed thru the wireguard was 67.9mbps and 5.32mbps upload. Thru my home router it was 23.2mbps down and 69.6mbps upload speed. Obviously on my router download is slower due to how many things I run off it.

As of now Mullvad uses wireguard servers and is actually offering all their wireguard servers for free.

The speed and load on these servers are incredible. My desktop speeds thru tunsafe- a free windows client is this.


Yea… I can understand that about as much as a caveman can understand space travel. :wink:

Give it to me in crayon @TG… is this fast as [email protected](k or just the fastest you have seen in recent times?


Fastest Ive ever seen thru a vpn ever lol

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I think the average speeds I’ve seen has been around 12 dl and 10 upl

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I fkn love your humor bro!! Give it to me in crayon :rofl: thats so awesome!! I dont have a friggin clie what any of this shit means either :exploding_head:

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If we can’t laugh at ourselves then the rest of our life is FUBAR for real! :grin:

True story☝️

Hahaha yeah… can tell Tren God is a techy.

I checked out the link but it’s asking for payment.

Talking of tech stuff. My friend pointed me towards cloudfares free DNS server. What do you think @TG?

Theres no payment on it. You just have to set it up on the configs and create an account.

Cloudflare it great but I seriously doubt the DNS is as good as they claim in regards to just using google which is what people have done for years.

@TG I just set up an account and it is a 24 hour free trial. The f’ing configuration is going to take me longer than that. :rofl::woozy_face:

No the 24 hour free trial is for standard VPN servers only. They charge for those. Wireguard server access is free tho.

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Ok. I will have to look into some more when I have time and sleep. Thanks.

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Found it thanks.

Why are they offering this for free?

Several reasons. The protocol is considered beta stage for now so they are “testing” it. Also server load is much smaller on a wireguard server and its not as easy to setup as a regular vpn. For a company to decide which server is better for them. Wireguard. But what are people intetrested in using? Especially due to ease of use. Smaller server loads means more people can connect at a higher rate of speed. But if few people are willing to go thru the setup yet, then its not a good strategy to focus on wiregaurd for new server setups.

Both Azire Vpn and Mullvad have donated directly to the development of the protocol.

Hi , this Vpn in not for free , it is providing a beta period and many options are blocked . I can understand why people must to figure out in configurations and set up the settings by their self . Personally I use Vpn and proxy to have access on blocked sites , to be anonymous and to unblock YouTube coz in my region the youtube and another big video and music platform have some restrictions . This service which I use is totally free and it easy in connection also the internet speed is very fast.

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