Worst Olympian of all time

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This guy is a fucking disgrace to the sport of bodybuilding. He’s not an ambassador like Jay or Ronnie or even Kia.

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Yeah and everyone knows it. Guys an asshole that thinks hes god gift to bodybuilding and knows it all. When I got into my argument with him he acted like a bitch and tried to twist my words until I called him on it. Then he talks shit and blocks me so I cant respond. Hes so insecure his first response when backstage is calling out luimarco on the pics that were taken at the show. Then his former escort fiance has to talk shit also when her only claim to fame is sucking his dick vs her old clients as a “model”. Really fuck phil. Hes a bitch.

Ronnie to me is was probably the best. Kai would have been a great one.

Having a Mr Olympia like Phil really hurts the sport and damages the image of it.


This is crazy I still believe that the other guy should have won. How did this guy end up with a perfect score.

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:joy::joy::joy:. That statue​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Quite arrogant

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Mr Heath sure has a change in vernacular and sounds a bit different then the other videos…with all different structures and sizes. For years, judging has been off. It’s apples to oranges , I hate when they say well he won this pose and that pose, so he won 5 and has to win. When I judged(local) it was convention that you looked everyone up and down . No calves, no hams… out. Even if the competitor had great arms chest, first everything has to be complete especially at this level. I didn’t make it very long because my cards were off, but if you compete everything need to be in place. Including color and posing, not routines as much as practice holding manditories .

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