Yonith introduction ugmuscle

Little about myself…

35, 5’5, 180lbs. Been lifting pretty consistently for about 15 years now 4-5 days a week. Don’t think I’ve missed over a week of lifting in damn near 10 years…haven’t missed a meal either lmao. I’d look where I want to be if I maintained the muscle I have now and lost 15lbs but don’t stress so much about it especially being married and it being winter.

I did all the prohormones back in the day and have tried a bunch of AAS. Haven’t touched tren or secs though given the sides sounds like they could be rough. I usually just add 20-30mg of Anavar to my TRT when I wanna add some muscle and lean up. This summer I may also throw in some EQ.

Fun Fact: I work out at the infamous Atilis Bellmawr in NJ. They’re the ones who are defying Gov. Murphy’s shutdown.

Love this community!



Welcome to ugmuscle brother were glad to have you around sounds like you will fit right in look forward to seeing you in the forums.
Once you pick out your next blast let us know about it also if you have only been using var try some tbol not sure if you already have I really like both to be honest myself

Welcome bro! Glad to have you. Look forward to seeing you around the forum.

Welcome man. Good to have you around.

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Welcome, sounds like this ain’t your first rodeo.




Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome!! I’m in that neck of the woods also

I seen your gym on the news. I quit watching the news as of late. How are the owners holding up? Is it still open?

What’s up my East Coast brotha! I use to ride my Harley from NYC to NJ through the Holland Tunnel in the middle of winter to work construction. Sick couldn’t! 5’5" 180lbs. Nice. What’s your bf%. I’m a newbie here too. Nice to see you here. Good peeps. Very Positive.

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Hey brother!
Sounds like you workout at an awesome gym.

Welcome to UG

Welcome aboard

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